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04 June 2010



Perkins may be confronted with it next time he's on. It depends on who's asking the questions. Harry Knox had a pretty good rebuttal to his last comments on the blog although I don't know if it was on air. Although it may not be that easy to find there's http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/in.america/gay.in.america/

It may be lacking in ethnic variety at the moment but you could hook them up.


It’s time that all Americans recognize that homophobia is a mental disorder. This was recognized by George Weinberg, the psychologist who coined the term, back in 1972 or earlier. That’s why the word is based on “phobos,” the Greek word for fear. But by now, everyone should realize it.

It ought to be a simple matter: If you think gay people should be denied basic human rights, then you’ve got a mental problem.


These people are HORRIBLE. Seriously this needs to be given attention at a national level because I think that it's only fair to see what extremes these crazed individuals will go to to suppress gays.

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