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18 June 2010


Nathan James

Here's hoping the jury in this new, second trial will see through the defense's blame-the-victim tactics and wipe that laughing smile right off Phoenix' face with a murder and hate-crime conviction.

Phoenix can then spend 25-to-life crying about his new home in Attica.


Kim Wolfe can rot in HELL for all I care, if she is found guilty of these crimes! F'ing COWARD licensed by the State... had I been in a position of power, such as the arraigning judge, I would have demanded that she be taken OUT of the frosted glass and paraded in front of the friends & family of her deceased victim(s). There would have been no special treatment afforded this woman, I don't care how many years of service she gave to the Dept. of Corrections. My gut tells me many of those years were spent without anyone knowing just how crooked this b!tch really is!! Always trust your gut, people. When I get that "funny feeling" I don't even allow you in my home or inner circle! TAKE THE HANDS DOWN FROM YOUR FACE KIM WOLFE!!!! She would not have fooled me... Red Flag #1 was when the son admitted that she NEVER came around the family... that was warning sign Numero Uno!!!


I hope Stacies family knows Kim Wolfe is in the psych ward in elmhurst hospital as of 6/18/2010...They are going to try every which way to get this correction officer off,Stacies family will need the publics help getting a fair guitly verdict of premeditated murder ,she turned her guns in, she knew what she had in her mind

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