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20 June 2010



sounds like someone is laying the case to veto the bill and "give the pentagon more time" to study repeal

just sayin'


I would certainly support the president if he vetoes the Defense Authorization Bill because of the C-17.

It would be nice to know that there is at least something good on this Earth that Obama actually believes in and is willing to fight for, even if it is quite a small thing.


This "path to repeal" nonsense is as frustrating as most every other Emmanuelesque move Obama's made. This C-17 poison pill is exactly what happens when you play this tepid game. He's the Commander In Chief; DADT could be over with a single order. Honestly!! Must everything be played out for maximum suspense and indigestion, like a reality show???


I agree with Faison. This seems like a means to delay removing DADT. Typical government.

while I dont mind a bipartisan approach from Obama, but (in sports terms) it feels like he's playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Get out there, get stuff done and quit worrying about the upcoming elections.

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