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26 June 2010



I know this is juvenile, but I laughed at her name being "Vogue" lol


I love Anthony Antoine. He's a soulmate and just a beautiful brother (Just saw him in Harlem at Pride) and now here! GREAT FOR HIM!

This is major and just so wonderfully regular! I love it. WE ARE EVERYWHERE, DOING EVERYTHING, AND SO IT SHOULD BE!

Love you AAM and thanks R2.0, as always for being the best resource!



AJ Terrel

I JUST SMILED SO HARD! gives my little heart hope. so right! it's soooo good to see black gay men proud and out there on CNN :) role model for sure!

Grambling State

thanks so much for posting this, anthony antoine is so inspirational, i love his story

Anthony Antoine

Thanks Rod (AGAIN) for always being a supporter of me as an artist and community person. I so appreciate you sharing this post and love reading the comments from your online Fam. As an independent artist, it's moments like this that keep me blazing ahead. Again, thank you times ten!!

Anthony Antoine

Oh yeah! As for my daughter's name. LOL! I love unique names. I wanted to name a boy GQ! I know, crazy right. But I also knew spiritually that I was having a girl. As a joke, my daughter's mom said okay, if it's a boy, we will name him GQ and if it's a girl, we will name her Vogue. When it landed, we both were like, wait, we like it. Over the years, it became a fitting name to who she is as a person. People often tell Vogue her name is so perfect for her as she has even modeled over the years and loves fashion. Professionally (corporate prof) she can use her middle name of Ashley (intended to be more mainstream) just in case she grew to not like Vogue or understanding that names can closed some doors. Thankfully, she's mostly creative and in the creative arena even professionally, the name Vogue sets her apart from the rest. Imagine the branding (minus infringement issues) that we are already working on with her unique name of Vogue. Trust me,(and we've been literally told) her name Vogue has already opened a few doors for her - just on name alone.

Femme 4 Femme

This is a beautiful story.
Bless you Anthony Antoine!
And much success!

The Producer

This is great and I am very glad you chose to highlight this on your sight .. I recently saw "Gary and Tony Have A Baby" and was disappointed in the lack of positive Black images in similar situations .. showing Anthony and his family is a strong step forward for more diverse representations .. After seeing this, I checked out his YouTube page .. he has a lot of interesting posts, including the Oprah Final Guest and the Sprite Step Off controversay.. would love to have seen some of that on here as well


I also like this segment and am glad to see some color in CNN's series. "Gary and Tony" was typical and to be expected, glad to see they are mixing it up.

@ Anthony:
I love the story and am very empowered! I've been following your career and wish you much success! And the best of luck and success for your daughter!

@ The Producer:
I don't think Rod has time or space to include everything about everyone. He did an interview with Anthony Antoine years ago and linked to that. He also linked to AA's YouTube so you could see more. Oprah's Final Guest and Sprite Step Off were months ago. Why post it now?

@ Rod:

Thanks for highlighting these positive black SGL/LGBT images!


This makes me want to see MORE of Anthony and Vogue!

Kevin Perez

Sadly, all this does sadden me about the lack of diversity of LGBT in mainstream media and the fools who feign ignorance on LGBT of color because of it.

Oh well, I'm still hopeful that will eventually change soon. And it's great to see a story of a LGBT of color with POSITIVE reception.


This was beautiful! I want to see more of them too!


great story


He is a great man...I met him a few years ago and he is still one of the few men that I will call A MAN. God bless and be well!

jack hart

great piece .. thx 4 sharing rod & anthony


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