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02 June 2010


The Truth

That's cool. That was very big of him to come out and peform


Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when it's someone represented by others who may not always accurately communicate an artist's wishes. This was a stand-up guy decision to perform for free to make amends, and to make the statements in the announcement and interview. Hopefully more artists will get with the program.


I like it, go Wale!


I respect him for that. Good for you, Wale. (It would be nice to hear from all the folks who previously condemned him.)


Two thumbs up for Wale!


@ Soulbrotha, I was one of those who condemned him and I have to admit that this was a very stand up thing to do. I have total respect for him and I'm not afraid to admit that. Big up to Wale!


That's my boy!


alright i'll support wale now. good job


I'd still like to know the reason his appearance was canceled in the first place.


that was big of him. and like J Holiday, Wale should be supported by the gay community for his actions.


What a grown man way of handling this issue. HE SHOWED UP!

How brilliantly effective.

RUMORS SQUASHED! I am proud of this brother and I'm going to order his cd NOW!



Goes to prove things are not always what they seem.


You have to learn, and learn fast, where the $$ comes from.


He gets major props. Very impressive.


I'm glad he manned up, apologized, and performed free of charge. That was a great thing to do; it's obviously his management that was the problem.

Black Pegasus

I still don't know who the hell he is ,but I'm just an old bish so who cares?

But anyway, I'm glad he found his Backbone and did the right thing. But on the other hand, $18,000 bucks for 45 minutes would change my mind too.

So I will not give him that much credit. He should've done the set for free given his Bullsh!t.

Rod Mc

@ Black Pegasus: Wale did perform for free. Please re-read. -RM

Black Pegasus

Oh my goodness! Sorry Rod, you're correct!

I read that $18,ooo part earlier and
completely lost my mind LOL..

Good for Wale! Credit given where
Credit is due!


brought tears to my eyes. my last bf was so internally homophobic because he is gay/bi and thinks he can't be hip hop if he is known to be gay in hip hop. This is a huge step in the right direction. Doesnt' matter who it is. Fans are fans.


What a great bit of news.

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