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19 July 2010



This headline is incredibly misleading. This is why I will never consider bloggers as journalists. I've worked for ABC News, NBC News and the LA Times, among many others. And I'm producing coverage at AIDS 2010 in Vienna. But you keep telling yourself that, hon. -RM


I expected another ignorant rant from this brother, but he's as enlightened as a straight man in his position can be. We cannot continue to put the weight on how comfortable men in the locker men will be on THOSE men. THEY ARE STRAIGHT and still comparing bodies and body parts (HELLO), so to know that someone in there might be able to retell and recall the details with some sense of sexual accuracy scares them.

The great part of the REAL SPORTS piece, which I recorded and kept, is that THE TEAM WAS WATCHING TO SEE GARETH'S RESPONSE! When he came in and acted like he was still a man who could handle himself, they treated him accordingly because YOU TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO TREAT YOU! The guys loved him and still had a healthy dose of fear of him and that's the POWER of his position on the team.

As a brother in the music industry, I had that same exchange with black men at BET. They wondered if I was trying to hit on them or if they could get close to be, but at the end of the day, I stood with them dig for dig and word for word and that gained and garnered respect. One day said "Kev, I like the way you get down and how you carry yourself. For real, I'm not sure if things went down, if you wouldn't whoop my a**, cuz you don't play!" I leaned into him and said "Thanks man. I appreciate that. And trust me, if things ever went down, you don't have wondered. I whoop your a**!"" We shared a laugh and he's a cool brother to me to this day!

The dance of MEN has always been about who can bully, stand over, shake or shift whom (EVEN IN A HOUSE FULL OF BOYS, like my mother had--6 of us) and it was always about a Sword Fight.

I'm clearer today than ever that when we stop being punks, we'll stop being treated as such. Somebody's got to be man enough to be the Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Caesar Chavez, Susan B. Anthony of the LGBT Movement and come IN THEIR FIELD! I was interviewed for a feature in VIBE magazine YEARS ago about being OUT in the music industry. They shelved the article because NO ONE ELSE WOULD BE GAY ON RECORD, including makeup artists, executives, et al. How do we gain respect for BEING who we are if its the open secret of the industry? According to US, NOBODY'S GAY except the rappers and actors WE want to sleep with and that's just kind of foul.

It's not just the NFL that's not ready for it. We see white actors (Neil Patrick Harris), comedians (Ellen), musicians (Elton, Melissa, Lady Gaga has even said she's bi) come out and just SOAR, but on the colored side (BLACK, LATINO, ASIAN, ET AL., it's still 1964 and we have not yet overcome!

This brother is beginning to open the door to a conversation I think WE should be having INSIDE THE HOUSE!

WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN TO BE "OUT" AND WHY? Why are so many men living on their own, paying their own bills and still afraid to be honest with their families and friends, especially when they are talking about you and "your roommate" anyway because what man still has a roommate in his 30s? Why do you have 2 BR's so that you have somewhere to sleep when people come TO YOUR HOUSE? Why so many hugged up pictures with you and women on Facebook when you KNOW....?

What's the gain if at the end of the day, everyone justifies THEIR reasons for staying in the closet? Maybe we need to nail the closet shut and let those who want to stay there stay, with whatever repercussions that brings because we can't force people to be free. I understand the struggle with family and faith and such, but at the end of the day, where is your joy and happiness? Are we so self-destructive in our relationships because many of us ARE AFRAID to be happy and whole because then we'd have to make new choices? new excuses? Why are we packing the clubs and the sites, but not the churches on Sunday that feed our souls so that we can have balanced lives and loves?


Derrick from Philly

The headline is accurate.

"...graduated with top honors from Columbia"

Yes, it's all about education. I'm not saying that all folks with formal education are "gay friendly"--but it does seem to help.

Joshua, the headline is almost taken right out of Mister Wiley's own words.

Don't mess with no queen going through Monday afternoon withdrawal....I can't deal with it, Josh.


The sports world is one of the last realms where sex and sexuality are kept in the closet. Even big-time religion recognizes that half the congregation is gay. But you will never hear sex and sports discussed in the ESPN age. btw, the headline did have me thinking Wiley was a hater lol. But you cool, Rod.

Jim J

The headline is not "incredibly misleading", it is incredible accurate. I don't know about any other bloggers, but Rod is an excellent journalist. His coverage of Africa and the Phoenix trial here in Brooklyn are just two examples of his journalistic capabilities.

Lukasz K

Good article. The headline is factually correct, just a little bit confusing. If a verb was used instead of the colon, such as "says" or "comments", it would have been clearer. But, give the man a break, he's in a different country, covering an important conference, and slip-ups happens. Rod is a great journalist.


That's OK Joshua, I never assume that commenters are intelligent.


@ Josh:

The headline was entirely accurate and the lead paragraph even more so.

Rod was a producer at ABC World News and has written cover stories for The Advocate. Even if he does slip up, he's half a world away, probably has very little sleep and has been invited to a very important international AIDS conference. You're such a trifling queen.

The Truth

It makes me wonder when, or if there will ever, be a time where a current athlete can be openly gay. In that world, it is so hard to be yourself when you have everything to lose.


if you all get a chance, read Esera Tuouola's book, it is heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.

Greg G

Josh, I'm just going to cosign Dalton and say you're a piece of work and a half. Rod IS a tv news producer and has worked in news for many years. If anything he is new to blogging. But the fact you try to pick apart a headline and have no comment on the story speaks volumes.

But queens do that all the time at this blog. You ignore the stories on hate crimes that no one else reports, ignore all the coverage on politic, ignore the international news and the reports from the muthafreakin International AIDS Convention a half world away ... and focus on a headine. Pathetic.


If you know Marcellus (as I do) you will understand his statement 100%

Just keep in mind ... "those who protest the loudest.... "

He currently has a mad ex with quite alot of texts that are making the rounds in certain circles so STAY TUNED

Distant Lover

Josh, start your own blog and stop hating on Rod.
Rod, you rule!
Marcellus Wiley, just stating the truth but I believe that if more and more players like him will acknowledge there is a problem with homophobia in the NFL, then we're closer to solving it.

Nathan James

Wiley is dead on. I have a friend who was well on his way to playing in nthe NFL. He was doing well at college ball, and the scouts were seriously looking at him. True, he was in the closet, and a disgruntled ex outed him to his whole school, but what on Earth did his sexuality have to do with his ability to play the game?

His football career was quickly derailed, as word of his orientation got around. It got so bad, the other players on his team complained they were "uncomfortable" around him in the locker room. Strangely, none of his teammates had any problems with him before he was outed...Wiley is stating the sad truth as it exists in professional (and college) football today.


i remember when Kordell Stewart was playing for the Steelers and it was alleged he was gay. I believe he even held a press conference with the media to deny it and the rumours were enough to shorten his career there


Ignore Joshua. Trolls feed on attention. Starve then so they curl up and die.

It should be quite obvious to anyone that reads any article at this site that this is not the work of a simple blogger.

Mikey-He Likes It

I think there's a dirty little secret in the NFL. I believe there's a lot of bi-men in the league and most of them are closeted so it would make sense that an openly gay man wouldn't be tolerated. It's the whole "it's just between us boys and nobody's business" mentality.

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