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02 July 2010



and this muthafucka thinks gays are immoral? oh hell naw!


can we please end his career now?


Let's see who will be the first black celebrity to come out and say that "wasn't the real Mel."

Danny Glover?

Honut Sinti

It's time for his seven kids to turn the tables have his butt committed.


I will no longer buy or watch his films ever again. To hurl the N-word at a white woman who gave birth to his daughter doesn't even make a lick of sense. Totally out of left field. The man is a racist pig. And coming from a man who is part of Hollywood elite while an African American President is sitting in the White House? Racism is alive and well.........


This is a man who is a hero to those who watch Fox News. Does it surprise anyone that he is a bigot, a misogynist, and a psychopath?

This is a man who made a 2-hour film to appeal to the cravings of right-wing Christian sadomasochists. (But I repeat myself.) Roger Ebert called it “the most violent film I have ever seen.” Does it surprise anyone that Gibson is a bigot, a misogynist, and a psychopath?

I’d be willing to bet good money that as I post, some Satan-worshipper on Fox News, like O’Reilly or Beck, is preparing to call Gibson a victim of a vicious left-wing press that is out to destroy all virtue in our world.

Perhaps Gibson is just trying to establish his racist/misogynist bonafides to the Republican Party before he makes run for Congress.


I'm not surprised, he's a nut case.


When people show/tell you who they are - believe them the FIRST TIME! What else can he do but be himself!

True Words

I think what he said is completely private and was left in a manner that should have remained private. People act like they have never said SOME HORRIBLE things when they were upset and/or hurt. I mean come on like you have not called your spouse and/or friend something similar or worse.

How would you like it if your job got wind of what you say to someone else that cuts you off in traffic and used it against you. No really think about it; because we all say things in the heat of the moment that are not nice and sometimes a little anti-gay and racists.
"Like you have not called your spouse or friend something similar or worse." ROFLOLZ. Maybe that's normal to you. But you can follow me around for a decade with a video camera and will never hear me threaten to kill, rape or burn someone's house down. That's not "private", dear, that's called harassment or abuse. smh -RM


"How would you like it if your job got wind of what you say to someone else that cuts you off in traffic and used it against you"

Many jobs already do. If you're accused of battery, felony, assault, spousal abuse, etc, most jobs will suspend or fire you if you're convicted.

I'm assuming you're paid by the hour or have a "Hi May I Help You?" job. Any manager or anyone in the corporate world already know that.

I'm not even gonna touch your remarks about everyone is "a little anti-gay and racists." This is a BLACK GAY blog silly.

Liberator Émigré Éire

A racist Australian? There's a surprise.


Can that clown just shut up and go away already?


oh, what a sweetiepie!!!! ...just a regular sandra bullock, huh..?? jeeez. i guess max really is mad. so, now the question for me is, 'who was protecting him from himself and the press for all those years BEFORE the tirade in Malibu..??' or is it that he's turned some kind of unmedicated corner in the past few years, perhaps..?





Absolutely Agree!!

I never want to her of this a**hole again! He's got some nerve....

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