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05 July 2010



Of course that's how he had his mystery child. And before there were no gay rumors, now there are plenty!

apres moi

Smart move to have the kid born from an American mother and on US soil. At least the boy is a dual-national and can easily go between the EU and the US when he's older as well as attend college in either the EU or the US. Cristiano can now add papi caliente to his list of titles now :)


omg he done an mj


Well being a single Dad doesn't mean you are automatically gay. He probably wanted to be a father without being tied down to a wife or even a husband. He wants to be committed to his children and that's not so weird...... :)


...Hmm. Somewhere in the distance, teapots are brewing. I know some of yall are already on the case and the truth will be out before you know it.

Greg G

"He wants to be committed to his children and that's not so weird"

ROFL. Did you read the links? It sounds very weird ...

Ronaldo's "mother and sister will raise the child"?

Ronaldo's current GIRLFRIEND knew nothing about it.

He didn't mention it to ANY of his teammates.

Does sound like a new father? Or why not have a child with the GF?

Gorgeous athlete worth hundreds of millions and can't find a woman to have a child, has a surrogate and mom will raise it?

Oh and there are new pictures out of Ronaldo "making out" with the girlfriend.

Sounds like bearding to me.


If he wanted kids so bad why not having them with one of those models/famewhores he's always dating?

Really sounds like he's pulling a Ricky Martin here...


And if he has a girlfriend...why not have her have his child?

This really sounds like an "arrangement"...


Faison, hiring a surrogate mother is an arrangement. I didn't see anyone questioning Sarah Jessica Parker when she had an "arrangement" with a surrogate to carry her twins. Anyway, congrats on him being a father. If he wants his mother to raise the kid, then so be it. It's not unusual for grandmothers to raise their grandkids.


why are we always trying to get straight men to come out surely there are enough interesting gay people to be getting on with. I get the impression that we are seen to be not good enough unless were being murdered or beaten


If he wants to pay for a mom to have a child then let him, he has money anyway. It is not about sexuality, it is about having a child.

Chitown Kev


Yes, 4pm has arrived for Ronaldo and Co.


@ Dean:

Don't know what you're talking about. Sounds like more pearl-clutching imho.

This is a major news going around the world about the odd circumstances of the baby announcement by the world's highest paid footballer. Everyone is talking about on tv, news and the internet. Are black gay men supposed to be quiet? Or we can't have an opinion?

@ Fred: A woman hiring a surrogate mother to carry her embryo to birth is not unusual. A man WITH A GIRLFRIEND hiring a surrogate mother to have his child AND NOT TELLING THE GIRLFRIEND or anyone else is unusual.

It's not unusual for grandmothers, aunts or extended children to raise children. It is unusual to go through an elaborate, expensive and secretive surrogacy and NOT PLAN TO RAISE the child. It's also unusualif the father goes on vacation 2 days AFTER HIS BABY IS BORN and with the girlfriend who HE DIDNT TELL about the surrogacy.

Maybe none of this is unusual to you. It's obviously unusual to a lot of other people, which is there is so much discussion. But if you dont want to discuss or speculate, you don't have to.

Answer those questions when you have time, hon. Until then, it sounds like a bearding arrangement or a way to raise a child with no female love interest or companion.

Oh and Fred do you have a magic bullet theory too?


This sounds so ridiculous. The comments about the eyebrows and the murse are so typical of Americans. European men aren't obsessed with masculinity the way that American men are, and it seems that many American gay men have fallen right into the same stupid trap. European men are much more open to affection and most don't give a crap about if what they are doing will be seen as gay by others. That only happens in the good ole USA.

Congratulations Cristiano!!!


How about him not having a child with his gf b/c he's being smart about it. With a surrogate he doesn't have to worry about paying child support or in other words baby momma drama.


There is somehting very odd about this whole thing, not to mention the biggest 101 you should have picked up on; deliberately heterosexual poolside photos released a mere day after the announcement, to make Ronaldo look together with a gf that for some bizarre reason he has chosen not to have children with and apparently someone he forgot to even tell until she read/heard his announcement along with the rest of the grunts on the shopfloor.



Faison, no magic bullet here...lol
Cristiano Ronaldo hired a surrogate to bear his child and didn't tell his current girlfriend. How scandalous? lol

To be quite honest, I am not phased by it. It's no different from seeing thug brothas who brag about impregnating 3 different baby mammas and none of them no about the other. Tyrone gets Shaniqua and Latoya knocked up, still lives at home and expects his own mother to raise her own grandkids. I see it everyday in the hood, baby. It aint nothing new. Ronaldo just happens to have money and fame. That's the only difference.


pierre johnson

@ Ron you are showing your ignorance who is doing the the rumours and most spectculating the European media especiall the English, Portuguese and Spanish print broadcasters. Because this is an American blog/website so obviously most of the commentators are Americans. You will find the same comments on the European forums because I checked them out as well


This dude is a MILLION DOLLAR ATHLETE! In case you haven't heard, women who have kids with athletes TRY TO BLEED THEM DRY for years after the child is born, making ridiculous support requests. Having the baby this way, A LA Sarah Jessica Parker, INSURES that the surrogate has NO LEGAL CLAIM WHATSOEVER!

Man, when a regular dude on the block has a child with a woman, the screams and conflicts are relentless and move to ugly even after pampers and milk are bought. Sometimes, the addition of a child makes the woman believe that it is going to CEMENT the relationship and maybe, just like women, some men have a natural desire to parent without the conflict of a relationship that may be something that they desire but not to the level of parenting and marriage and everlasting. Even if there is a girlfriend, doesn't mean SHE is the one that HE would want to be the mother of his child. It would be like saying that every SGL man who agrees with Marriage Equality HAS TO MARRY the guy he's dating RIGHT NOW! I can believe in marriage as my goal in life even if the person I am with isn't the one I would marry.

He had the option of surrogacy, as have SO many others, and he used it. The tea, the rumors are only going to prove that WE, as gay men, can't handle perceptions of masculinity and manhood in heterosexual men, thereby insuring that homosexual male stereotypes continue in perpetuity!


Good ol Ron is gay.

This from a Brit and Man U fan! (also used to live in Manc)

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