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17 July 2010



Damn! I sooooo wish I was there.
And yea, that "honor system" could never work here in the states lol, you can't even go to a gas station anymore without paying first fopr the gas.


Damn Rod I luv it! I am enjoying the pics of your trip. I used to live in Germany and it was really nice back in the 90's.


Work it out Rod, work it out!

will in nyc

have a great trip, rod. i've been a daily reader for a long time and i get more international news from you than the new york times! keep up the great mix of politics, human rights, sports, and hot guys and enjoy your trip!


I *live* in Austria and have never been controlled at any of the times I've been to Vienna. Man.

Honut Sinti

Thanks for the pics. Will you post photos of people at the conference?

Rod Neville

Vienna is a beautiful city! I flew into Munich and took a train from the Munich Hauptbahnhof through Salzburg, Austria and then to Vienna. Austria is a beautiful country.


(fanning myself) picture of Rod's denim encased upper thigh with a ticket resting on it... so sexy.

Black Pegasus

Traveling to new places is like having a breath of FRESH AIR pumped through your lungs. It just feels like you're ALIVE again. Every little mundane building or street corner becomes something to observe and admire. You literally take in all that a new city has to offer including it's people..Sometimes, the simplest things in Life can mean so much.

Thanks for sharing the photos..

Mad Professah

I love Wien! We didn't ride the Undreground that much but the light rail is wonderful.

The Euro exchange rate is no joke indeed! Just remember to do the math!!

Nathan James

Great essay, Rod! Just one thing: the Newark, NJ, Hudson/Bergen light rail, and the L.A. Metro (to name just a few), are indeed on the "honor system" of fare collection. However, the summons rate for nonpayment of fares on the Newark and Hudson systems is higher than it should be...perhaps you're right about us here in the US...

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