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05 July 2010



It is time to take a good look at the job of our elected officials..This is just stupid..


here comes more republican rewrites:

afghanistan is obama's war.

thurgood marshall is no longer a civil rights hero but some kind of radical, dangerous, "judicial activist."

the founding fathers wanted a "christian" nation.

they keep chipping and chipping away at the truth, until eventually the truth doesn't matter -- which is why we need to call them and their lies out, loudly and often.


Rod asks: “But are the Republicans demanding Steele’s ouster because of his inaccuracy .. or suggesting that we can’t win the ‘war’?”

I think the answer to that is pretty obvious.

Republicans have almost as much contempt for reality as they do for morality. It makes no difference to them that Steele said something that was historical fantasy.

There were two problems with Steele’s remarks. First, they could be interpreted as supporting peace. That’s something that can never be forgiven.

Second, part of what Steele said was correct. While the war was not initially of Obama’s choosing, it has become, after two years, his choice, and Steele is right, it cannot be won, whatever “won” might mean. So by telling the truth, Steele was sinning even more.

Unless he has some photos of Glenn Beck at a bondage club, Steele’s days may be numbered.


I just think it show's how effective the president it. He was able to get the US to go to war in Afghanistan while still a state senator.

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