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02 August 2010



Some of these Republican members are corrupt as hell and need to be investigated themselves! It's not a coincidence that both of the members accused of ethics breaches are BLACK! I hope she gets through this unscathed. She's a great woman!


I hope she is acquitted of any wrongdoing, cause Maxine Waters is the truth. Keep your head held high Rep. Waters!


I love Maxine Waters because she is very passionate about what she does and stand up to the fools on the right and other cowards in the house. She is very needed in this fight for equality and fairness for us all. I am confident that she will prevail!!


I hope Maxine waters in able to pull through this trial. I am so afraid that she will be forces to step down because the trial is scheduled in time for the fall elections.

She has always be an advocate for those in need. When the republicans were in control, she was one of the few democrats calling out the repubs for what they were doing.

On a side note, My lover can never get her name correct and always calls her Maxine Blue, the drag queen from New York....lol


Interesting these cases are coming up now... She's tough as steele and firece. She'll pull through and no matter what she has my support. Hell, want to talk about currupt look were the Grand Ole Party got us to this date.


Saw Ms. Waters walking home in Dupont Circle yesterday; she looked like one fierce tiger strolling home-love love her!

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