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27 August 2010


Rebecca Lu

Too bad about Atlanta's loss of Durand. We may never know if the perpetrators had it in for him, or if he was just at the wrong place and the wrong time. A shame!

Frosted Mini Wheats

I guess that it doesn't matter, but it is news to me that he was not gay.


Durand Robinson was straight?
Those queens down in Atlanta KNOW they need to stop ...


This is organized crime on a whole different level....research the history of this club and you will connect the dots............


Greenbriar Mall is a major detour when going from Midtown to Decatur—major, as in more than twice as far, in nearly the opposite direction. And what is going on at Greenbriar Mall after 12:30 a.m.?


"If Prince Robinson's account is correct, it's worth asking why would his brother visit the Greenbriar Mall after midnight?"

Exactly! And laughable. Not to tarnish the image of this wonderful man, but every queen in Hotlanta KNOWS the area where Durand was killed is notorious for TRADE & DRUGS!!! So take your pick! Greenbriar Mall my ass!!!

R.I.P Unc

He wasn't gay, he didn't do drugs, nor did he drink. He was a kind man. He would go out of his way just to help someone else, even if he didn't know them. Everyone has their opinion about him from looking on the outside in, but your opinions DO NOT MATTER AT ALL BECAUSE THOSE THAT REALLY KNEW HIM, KNOW DURAND WAS AN ANGEL LIVING ON EARTH. He was born with a purpose and he accomplished the purpose God sent him here for.


Who cares if he was Gay or not, the fact still remains that another senceless murder took place, and someone's brother, uncle, and son is gone! I had the pleasure of knowing Mr.Durnad as I would call him..he was an amazing man! Rest in Peace Brother!!

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