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09 August 2010



What a nightmare!

Dallas Cowboy

Wow. This is horrible. Thankfully the man is safe now.

Nicole Rachelle

Being gay is against the law? How does that go? Wow! That is soooo crazy! Well, it's good that he was able to get out of that situation.


Not shocked, some of the most virulent anti-black and anti-gays are in the Middle east, but, I'm glad this man is standing up to it and putting it out for all to see and thank goodness he's safe as they could have did a lot worse to him under they system of "law" they follow.

Danny Rivera

Thanks so much for writing this. The Middle East and the Gulf nations are infamous for being racist and homophobic. If I am not mistaken, doesnt Saudi Arabia and Iran execute gay men?

You can imagine they had a wicked time harassing a black American man who was gay.


How did authorities find out he was gay? Did they monitor his email and computer?

Derrick from Philly

Well, there goes my "Sheik of Araby" fantasy. I'll buy domestic "meat" only.

I have friends who travel all over the world. They can have it. I'm not going any further than Atlantic City. No foreign jails for me. It's better to be put in detention in a casino, honey.

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