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23 August 2010



My God, is that Lou Chibarro doing the interview? I got interview by him for the Blade in the early 90s! He's still doing his thing!

GREAT INTERVIEW and I think he's been a strong and wonderful asset to the city and I hope that DC does the right thing by Mayor Fenty and doesn't just run to the next trick pony because they want to be able to show that they can simply unseat someone.

But GO DC. What a struggle to have with 2 strong candidates!


I think Mayor Fenty is doing a very good job. I hate to say this, but most of the "vocal LGBT activists" criticizing the mayor are of a certain complexion. And it's not black.

I don't know what will make them happy. Fenty said years ago he would sign the bill and he did. Now they're saying he's not visible enough in the gay community. And they're blaming him for hate crime violence ... newsflas.. it's already against the law to rob or shoot somebody. That doesnt stop people from doing it. Now if the police cant find the shooter, are insensitive to LGBt concerns or don't prioritize LGBT crime, that is one thing. But you can't blame the police for certain crimes happening.


Rod and thanks for pointing out killing was not a hatecrime. I hate to be THAT ONE to say this, but if gay men continually invite strangers and anonymous men into their homes, you can't blame po-po if something happens. Should the police be at the bar and warn people against hooking up?

Mystic Stranger

I like Fenty ... I think he's doing a good job.

Black Pegasus

I don't live in DC, but I have a slight crush on this Man, and I don't know why.

I've certainly had men more attractive than he, but there's something about him that speaks to me.A Vibe if you will.

I wonder if he's....................?

Naw, couldn't be..

Bob Summersgill

On the racism charge, note that only African American men are running for Mayor; and only African Americans have ever held that seat. The majority of white voters in DC say they think DC should have an African American Mayor.

Adrian Fenty has strong support among white voters. His primary opponent, current Council Chair Vincent Gray, has strong support among African American voters.

Fenty and Gray have largely split GLBT supporters, but there is no obvious racial divide on the mayoral picks in the community.

Both Fenty and Gray have overall good records on GLBT rights, but neither one is a standout in DC's very pro-gay political environment.

I think a lot of the support for either man is based mostly on personal feelings and relationships, not on GLBT issues or race.

I remain undecided.

-Bob Summersgill


Most people commenting dont seem to understand what is going on here in DC. The Mayor got rid of MPD's (police)Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit that help serve the gay community. Also, the crimes people are talking about are the crimes where gays/trans have been targeted b/c they are gay/trans. This is the issue. Not generally shooting at random people or robbing random people. It is the beat down of gays usually around Logan Circle or Adams Morgan...
We are lucky in DC to have two candidates that are pro GLBT. The issues for many residents in DC is the mayor is corrupt and all his friend are profiting from his PUBLIC SERVICE. Not talking small change we are talking over 100 million dollars. THere is a current investigation into the mayor and his "contacts." Giving a friend an engineering license w/out passing the exam. all previous licensing boards denied...fenty elected he gets a license and a multi-million dollar contract. He has lost my vote

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