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16 August 2010



With those little chicken arms, she need to go sit down somewhere.
Gospel "star" is like porn "star:" you're a star even if no one has heard of you.

Derrick from Philly

I would describe him more as asexual. Erkel on "Family Matters" had more sex appeal than Haddon.

Yes, SEAHAWK, "chicken arms" is right. Compare him to the pictures of Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson last week. It's like comparing Porterhouse steak to Oscar Mayer weinies.

Black Pegasus

I don't know if I should Laugh Out Loud at these Hate Merchants or just get mad as hell! Did you see Cruella Deville standing at the podium spewing her vitriol and venom..

And don't get me started about that chicken little Queen jumping up and down like the self hating closet case he is!

These people are simply DISGUSTING!


Just what they need to "save marriage." A black male gospel singer (which is another way of saying a "black gay man") and a sista' with an awful blond weave.


The woman doth protest too loudly!


Lots of self hatred on that stage!!


ha ha Mr. Haddon mentioned boning in his tweet interesting choice of words. Maybe there isn't one in you're body, but where are you putting yours? (sorry, being sarcastically juvenile)

Nathan James

I can't listen to their orgy of hate...I just can't...


You all comments are a hoot! I got mad for a minute then I start thinking.....hmmmmmmm they are so uneducated and not worth the time and effort. Just look at their appearances and I would say not until you get yourself straight and up to date before we can converse.


I guess the audience wasn't dancing because the "Spirit" wasn't "in that place".


He's a mess..and he's GAY! lol! Ms. Gurl is NOT fooling anyone, MKAAAAY?!?!?!?!?! WERK! :)

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