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31 August 2010



Oh werk honey, he knows how to poke out his lips and all that.

Oh and giving us eye contact. Werk!


SMH. What a shame, he feels he has to prove his masculinity and heterosexuality afterwards. We know that you are straight Brandon honey, we know.


Brandon is bow wows bff so i can only imagine the bond they share. but you know, I never saw a woman play basketball and say for the record I'm straight. no homo. Its just sad that guys will do these feminite things and than go on the record to prove their masculinity because of insecurity, fear of what will people think or say about them. Oh no they'll think i'm gay so i better say I eat pussy. Oh no i just baked a cake so i better say I can take every mans girlfriend. Oh no i just danced to lady gaga so i better say I fucked the baddest bitch last night. Oh no i got my dick sucked by a man so i better go out tonight and bash a gay guy. guys today are something else.

The Truth

That's funny. I wonder who he made the bet with. That must be his jam though. lol


@ruiz I don't think he was trying to play a "no homo" card I think he was just making friendly banter


It's a cute video. But why can't straight men queen out? By automatically singling out all self-defined straight men who do anything else but traditionally masculine behaviors and calling them "suspect" or "gay" we're doing nothing else but perpetuating the same oppressive stereotypes that no-homo-obsessed straight men do. Everyone should have the freedom to do whatever the hell they want, and dance how they want, regardless of their sexuality, no?


@Lukasz: I totally agree. But no one on this blog called Jennings 'suspect' or 'gay'. Those are the straight people on YouTube, I'm not sure why you accusing people on a gay blog of gay baiting.

@NotNuse: That comment was "Friendly banter"? Whatever you say hon.



That's "friendly banter' and not "no homo"??

Do you also take up for pro athletes and rappers when they call people faggots? Is that just friendly banter too?

Amazing how black gay men are pre-programmed to defend and rationalize homophobia in our community and say it's our problem for noticing it or being offended.

chris w

This makes me laugh. Wish I could clown, primp, and vamp like that.

True Words

Professional sports ironically have emasculated so many black men...then they have to justify their actions with "no homo"...lame and pathetic..


Cosign @ True Words

Brandon's little dance was cute and fun. The 'no homo' not so much. Too bad he just didn't laugh it off.

Black Pegasus

Most of the comments here are on point...

The only thing I'd like to add is:

I want to Blow Brandon's Back Out!
after seeing his little performance, I know for certain that he can Poke dat ass out for me...lol

Holla this way Brandon! LIL 'pint size' Bow WoW can't handle yo booty meat!


Hmm..not cute. Well, he has a nice face, but I hope he sues his tattoo artist. His skin looks terrible.

Lang B

Do the dare and SHUT UP. I agree we must stop with this enabling. It takes the fun and becomes mockery. IMO.


Get it


From House of Bucks can we see Earth shattering, Breath Taking Miss Brandon, Brandon

Walk girl. wait turn around the press awaits you!

WERK...Judges his score?


10 baby! He's got the pout and the eye rolls. I like what he's working with.


I'm RIGHT wit'cha, Black Pegasus.. I'm wit'cha, sir!!


For the mere fact that this behavior is seen as gay says we have a problem...


No harm no foul. What I want to know is where'd he learn those moves?

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