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25 August 2010



Mike Rogers posted his 2006 parody of the "Harold: call me" ad on his blog: "Ken: call me!" You will also find it on YouTube by searching for "blogActive parody of Ford ad and Ken Mehlman." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axJ67DOHpXQ

Skeptical Cicada

Fair enough, but since Harold Ford Jr. voted for the federal marriage amendment twice as a house member, endorsed Tennessee's marriage amendment, and basically lied to gay-rights groups in Tennessee to get their support, I really am not interested in hearing any complaints Ford may have about unfair discrimination in his election campaign. When they came for the gays, Ford did nothing; then they came for Ford, and it was karmic justice.


@Skeptical Cicada



@ Skeptical:

I agree with you totally but understand where you disagree to a certain extent. Given Rod's record opposing Ford when he was trying to run for NYS senate, and highlighting his anti-gay record, he would be the last one apologizing for Ford. Especially bc many brothas didn't care, said he was "cute" or even supported anti-gay Ford in NYS over pro-gay Gillibrand.

The issue isn't about Harold Ford per se.It's about Ken Mehlman's lying, mendacity and overseeing extreme racebaiting and homophobic GOP campaigns.

If you read back to 2006 articles linked, Mehlman said that the GOP was trying to reach out to black folks. He also made that ridiculous statement ion his coming out interview. It's a lie. Mehlman ran the 2004 Bush campaign, which worked with Ohio Republicans to disenfranchise black voters.

Let's also not forget that Mehlman was RNC chair during Katrina. The GOP and Bush Administration killed thousands of poor folks and black folks by their inaction.

Mehlman crimes are legion. He had no problem helping run the White House, BushCo and the RNC when they were ramping up Irag war, taking away food stamps, robbing Wall Street, depriving black kids of their civil rights in Jenna, and putting marriage initiatives in 20 states.


And I would like to add that it's very puzzling and disappointing to see the lack of outcry against Mehlman on these pages.

Ken Mehlman is a rich, white, gay man who helped other rich, white, men (and many closeted gays) get richer due to their skin color and privilege. Mehlman helped his friends loot Wall Streetn and they were silent as New Orleans was submerged. Then later the racist GOP slammed black people and Democrats over Katrina.

I think its absolutely outstanding that Ted Olson and David Boies argued and won a Prop 8 lawsuit on the trial level. However, Mehlman coming in now to raise money for their legal fees is like an arsonist returning to the home he burned down to help rebuild it. Ken Mehlman owes many apologies. Call me after he's donated millions of dollars to help build shelters for LGBT youth, people made homeless after Katrina or homeless HIV poz people who lost their homes after the housing bubble burst.

Black Pegasus

Dalton you betta SPEAK on it!!!


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