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03 September 2010



The federal government needs to make an example out of AZ. Most of the state based negativity and clashes are coming out of AZ. They should take most of their money away and let them concede from the Union.


Joe Arpailo, Jan Brewer and John McCain and all those racists in Arizona can go FCUK themselves!


Yea and Jon Kyl, too. FCUK him too!

cow tippers

Why are you guys all up in arms about this matter? For the longest time, and still now, black men have been consistently profiled while driving. No one has had an effective rally to protest this fact. Most people seem to believe that statistically, black males "fit the description." But, now that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are being profiled, it's suddenly a major problem. SMDH at these responses.
Of course you're right. I've never talked about police brutality or racial profiling on this blog. No one else has either. And there have never been any lawsuits against any police departments for racial profiling. And Sheriff Arpaio is only profiling Hispanics ... not blacks. SMDH -RM


cow tippers dearie, I have always been "up in arms" about this regardless of the race of the victims. You are the one who just came to THIS particular party called Rod 2.0. Read back over this blog in order to have a basis for your response. Smooches!

Danny Rivera

@ Cowtippers:

You've got it all wrong, hon. A threat to any of us is a threat to all of us. And I'm saying this as a black gay Puerto Rican man.

If they're profiling Hispanics, they're doing it to blacks too. And how can we ignore Latino issues and then get angry when Latinos ignore us. We're supposed to stand up and oppose racism, discrimination and police brutality. And that "black vs Latino" argument is soooo not happening. That's what the Republicans want us to do!

Diva is right. You are very tardy to the party, hon. But that's okay, you're here now, pull up and chair and let's all vibe together!

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