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23 September 2010



Yay me....im the first to say that lame excuse given by Long's lawyer is BS. That is totally suspect and im sure there will be some sort of settlement from Long's team soon....


I wonder what rhetorical tricks Long will try to use on Sunday to sliver out of this mess. We need to get some folks in there with recorders to listen to the "show" that will be in full effect. They need to sell tickets to this!!

I can say this-- Long's arrogance will not allow him to take the "I have sinned" route. He will try to spin this as being a victim who was trying to help troubled youth or some such thing. Or maybe he will compare himself to Jesus as being falsely accused. Or Job and he trials that can be placed in front of the most faithful servants. Or Solomon, or David, or a disciple...somebody noble from the Bible. But don't expect to hear the truth...


Frank Ski has got to be running scared... it has been whispered for years about all his "young" male interns. I would imagine he has been more careful


Amazing stuff, especially the allegations by Bernstein that the Church and even a politician were contacting the boys BEFORE the lawsuit was filed in attempts to convince them to drop it. Also in the radio interview, Bernstein emphatically says there are others ready to go with more lawsuits but who are being vetted first.


I also agree with the above poster about a quick settlement. If Long's assets are in the hundreds of millions, then a confidential 2.5 million paid to each boytoy will be nothing for him. It will also allow him to quickly continue his church fund-raising charade.


wouldn't a settlement now be like closing the barn door after the horses are already out (or whatever the expression is) The time to settle was before this was made public, no?


It's too late to settle anyways. The cat is out of the bag. I think he will end up paying far more than 2.5 million dollars per boytoy.


High profile cases like this have settlements all the time, and im sure Long (like most lying trife guys of his stature) think there cover will never be blown. And regardless there could be full length XXX clip of him having an all out hardcore foursome with the plaintiffs, his mindless, step & fetch followers will still support him and find some sort of way to place the blame on the young men, liberal media, satan being busy ect.. take your pick

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