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02 September 2010


Nathan James

Am I the only one who sees parallels between this story and the attempts to close Chi-Chiz, the last black gay bar here in NYC?


I am totally with you on this Nathan. The first thing that came to my mind before I even finished this article was Chi-Chi's. It was the exact same words/excuse. It's as if they are all saying, that if it's gay there is something illegal always going on.

These bars are our history. If they close next are any other of our safe spaces. All the haters have to say is "there's illegal things going on", then we will be closed down.

Kevin Perez

And worse, they insist it isn't homophobia These are the same banshees that if their *Straight* clubs, buisnesses and etc.... were put in question by White people (like usual) because of the idea of illegal stuff going on, they'd scream racism and protest loudly! Now, as LGBT of minority groups, we can't be suspicious and question if these actions are due to homophobia?


When strollers and actors, or actors with strollers show up in the neighborhood of your favorite POC (people of color) gay bar - look out! Change is coming.

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