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11 September 2010


Face and Waist

...but said nothing about his promises to "stomp the faggot" and other gay slurs. Some R20 readers defended Mayweather's "trash talking." ...

Thank you for adding that.

They sure did Rod, and tried to let you have it in the process. And said we were "too sensitive" and he was only trash talking and would "never" do that outside the ring etc.

***pulling up a chair and waiting for the gay baiting, girlfriend abusing defense team***


sing it face and waist!

mayweather takes some pretty azz pictures but he has an ugly personality. and now we see he is a woman beater. no surprise, unimpressed and "thank you" for calling out self hating brothas who are always on his jock.

brothas kill me. cutting each other to defend the mayweathers and chris browns, and are always missing in action on issues facing our own community.


oh should i have said "alleged woman beater"? but he isnt even charged with that yet, celebrity justice?

Mel Smith

Mayweather have all that money and not a bit of class.

You guys are right; homophobes, wive beaters and racists have a lot in common with each other.

Mel Smith

Sorry, I meant Mayweather is a homophobe and he attacks women.

Lone Wolf

Some people will defend Mayweather no matter what he says or does.

Black Pegasus

I wonder if he shaves his booty hole?


As one of the ones that said his 'faggot' statement was trash talk (but didn't say he wouldn't repeat it outside the ring), I'll say I'm pretty disgusted that he'd attack his baby's momma like this.


"Maybe it was just "trash talking" and "just a joke" ..."

C'mon now Rod, you're better than that... You're using an apple to drive home an old point about an orange...

Defending pre-fight, trash-talk rhetoric (again, as stupid and pea-brained as it was) and doing so for CRIMINAL grand larceny/domestic violence are two very different things... And I haven't seen anyone attempt to defend or mitigate the latter...

My people, my people...

Derrick from Philly

Like I said about Mayweather last week: some trade is just evil. They don't know how to behave like civilized human beings...even on the cell block.

I once had a piece of trade tell me (as we got started for intimacy), "...sometimes I like to use sissies for punching bags"

As I held his thing in my hand I said, "yes, brotha', and sometimes I like to bite nigguhs dicks off."

We finished our business with no trouble after that.


"He pulled her hair". Nuff said.

Mystic Stranger

Derrick ... LMAO!!!!!!!!

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