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25 September 2010



Oooh. Tall, light skin and muscles. Miss Tyler Perry will probably lose his mind!


I think he is hot, though some folks I know don't think so. What is for certain is that his team is garbage right about now. They are 2.5 point underdogs to the Texans this week.


I am soooo not a Cowboys fan but Kim knows how to pick 'em. Daddy looks like he can beat it up real good!

Black Pegasus

Lawd Habb Mercy!!

Please sit on my Face!


I was delighted when i got that issue in the mail. I love his cute self.


I love Miles Austin. He has got one of the best booties ever. I hate that they did not show a pic of it or him doing squats.


I wish the Vikings had him. I would be happy for two reasons-- that we had the WR we need and that I would get to watch him every week....

...and the Cowboys are bad this year, they msg be 0-3 in less than 24 hours...

Mango Lucy

Miles Austin and I have had an intimate friendship for the past 3 years. When I click on one of his pics, in my heart I know that he feels it. it's meant to be.

Eric Robinson

Miles has booty for life, so does his girl friend... "I wonder who has the better junk in there trunk". But seriously he is a breath of fresh air in the "Era of Wide Receiver Divas,"


No wonder he is Tony Romo's favorite receiver. lol


We need more booty pics for Miles on this site lol! He is giving Larry Fitzgerald some real competition!

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