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08 September 2010


A. Ronald

Will he get the King Kong treatment as well?


Road you should get cover photos with the King and Amare.. I'm sure they'd be more flattering than the Konging that LeBron got.


Wintour has a thing for black men. She was also fcuking Bob Marley.

Apparently black women not so much.


Is this something to be happy about? Don't get me wrong i respect Vogue and its platform within the fashion community but there are plenty of worthy black models out there who should be within its pages. What they did to LeBron speaks to how they look at black people. At least I think so.


Yeah not impressed, high fashion coonin'.


If Tyra wasn't on the cover, I really don't care about them at all. Moving on...


What gets me is how these black men don't seem to mind, and even pander the king kong, hypersexual machismo to the public. I second Ursovain.


I am not a fan of Vogue when it pertains to black men. They have yet to respect him on their covers. The King Kong image still upsets me. For the first black man to be depicted this way says a lot. Because she okayed the shoot and the cover. A.S. should ask for final okay of images. If he doesn't get it, he shouldn't do it!!

Chitown Kev

OK, in the case of the LeBron James cover, LeBron James has people that very carefully craft his image, so why are we giving Anna Wintour so much fever and not LeBron James; I would assume that he had some voice in that approval process.

Not trying to defend Wintour here, but black men are making the decision to do these tyoes of artistic things (i.e. the thugged out Tiger Woods on the issue of Vanity Fair)

Chitown Kev

that s/b "types"

OH, and Stoudemire is one fine, FINE man with those sexy-ass lips of his.


They have some approval, but not always the final approval. Also what they tell the talent what the image means as opposed to what it really says does have to rest on the talent also. So yes, James should take the flack also, but not only. He was told it would make him seem like king of the world, but it really was more like a big, stupid monkey.

The fact that the concept and the presentation of the concept starts with the magazine which means the magazine has to take responsibilty. Why start with a concept with the first black man on your cover as a monkey? That speaks to the mentality of the magazine.

Also, Tiger had nothing to do with the darkening of his photo on VanityFair. The magazine did that.

So I am still wary of these type magazines and how they protray black men. The fact they start with such negative concepts (which start in the magazine's editorial meetings), says a lot about the magazine. The fact they don't think about how the image will be seen by black america (yes, I know they don't feel black america is their audience) says even more about how out of touch they are. that's my 7 cents.

Susan "Learn Vertical Jumping" Adams

Oh what the heck!!! What's wrong with it.

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