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25 September 2010


ray stone

Every man is innocent until proven guilty. Proof is questionable because at this point it is their word against Long's. It is doubtful that young men will admit to rape and seduction by another male because the implications of being less than a man, however there must be evidence. If it is indeed true, Mr. Long needs some serious help. I suggest that he reads A STep Into Deliverance and take action immediately


Eddie Long needs to sit down. It has long been known of his love affair with boys. And let's face it, these boys seem to very attractive. So I can't say I blame him in normal circumstances, but he is just a creep.

Mel Smith

It's so strange that someone could be a closet case homophobe, and still receive respect from people.


Where is the Bishop? I need material things!!!!



People are idiots. I bet the fake Bishop has been getting in contact with all his other kids, to make sure they don't tell on him.


I have the distinct feeling that this is going to get quite ugly. I think that Eddie will come out with guns blazing tomorrow and will stop at nothing to discredit these young men. He has way too much to lose, and is to arrogant, to deal with this in a normal way. He is going to use every trick he can to get his audience riled up and to pay no attention to the facts (and it will be packed to the rafters, befitting the show that will take place).

As Eddie loves to say: "Watch this!"


lets not be the first ones to throw stones however if proven true the Bishop needs to take a serious look at the man in the mirror...God help us


See...I don't get this---we are the first to run around saying "let's wait and see...let's wait and see" when it comes to these idiots and the things they do...did Bishop Long ever give anyone else the opportunity of the benefit of the doubt before he vehemently and repeatedly stated from the pulpit about gay people not being basically human?!?!? Now, if you can honestly say that you know that this dude did not have relationships with these young men that were less than honorable or at the very least, different from the way that he presents himself to his congregation, then I can honestly say you need to see a bridge that I would like to sell you over in Brooklyn...


Go to www.hiphopblog.com and search for Eddie Long...you will be surprised at these NEW pictures!!!


I will be the first to say it---I can't prove that he did or did not do anything wrong...what I will say is that his relationships with them is suspect on many levels. Again---the only barrier to accepting that is that nobody wants to be seen as a fool and if these folks accept the fact that he did do something out of bounds then they are going to feel like fools and also if you think about it...this man is a mega-millionaire...how is that? these good and trusting church folk have basically been paying for this man to run a 'ho house and buy these men cars, jewelry and everything else that the good pastor wanted for them to have...


"Tony: And let's face it, these boys seem to very attractive."

Yes, pretty unusual if all these boys are lying and they all happen to be attractive in a certain way. More likely explanation is that bishop has a type.

Sylvan 357

If the allegations are true, at what point did these young men realise that what was happening to them was "wrong"- was it when they were no longer receiving gifts of cars, jewellery, trips, and paid accomodation? The reports suggest repeated inappropriate behaviour on the part of Bishop Long with his "victims", before they came forward. Bishop Long may be a fraud, and he should be held accountable for that. However, much of this reeks of a good old fashioned shakedown.


I'd become a preacher, except I have morals


This has nothing to do with "homosexuality". It has everything to do with molestation and power. Most importantly, HYPOCRISY!


@Sylvan --- again...would your response be the same if it were a woman that was raped? the boys were 16 to 17 years old when this started...and perhaps it could be a shakedown...but really...the whole "what-took-them-so-long?" is...smh...never mind....but on second thought...Mr. Long needs a shakedown just like he has been shaking down this church for mega bucks it sounds like...cars, homes...

@Whit ---- I agree!

Still wonder how many of these same people would see pictures of Mr. Long buck-ass naked w/ whomever and would still flock to see him because he is who he is...and also the very fact that there is $$$$$ involved...it's not just Mr. Long that will be affected...if this turns into a lawsuit that results in settlement of some sort...then the church, Mr. Long and any affiliates may be held responsible for damages...so a few folks have a reason to hope and pray that nothing is of the truth to this case.


In abuse cases, the preponderance of similar accusations will hold up in court because of the historical significance of sexual abuses cases. Once specialists are introduced, it’s a closed case because if you look at the abuser’s attempts a grooming its victims there develop a pattern in how the abuser acts. In this instance, Bishop Long uses his power and influence and that in and of itself is significant when gaining trust of its victims.

Our community needs to be more educated around sex abuse and homosexuality because one thing is important here in most abuse cases the abuser blames the victim. Classic and why abuse remains very problematic within our community, because it brings shame particularly within families. I wouldn’t doubt if Bishop Long has been a precipitant of sexual abuse in his childhood.


By the way, there is no statue of limitations on sex abuse trauma and its impact on victims because of the power dynamic involved – so there is no need for the “smoking gun.” Any time there is a power dynamic between the victim and their abuser then the courts will weigh that information in the ability of the victim to fight back or disclose. In most instances, it takes years for the victim to get enough ego strength and get over the shame of what occurred in the relationship.

In a jury court, regardless of if there is semen involved or not the onus is on the abuser to prove their innocence. In the past, the onus has been on the victim and oftentimes the abuser, particularly, in power dynamics went away without prosecution. Although, there won’t be any criminal proceedings there is quite a bit of evidence for civil proceedings and its success due to the number of victims.

Sylvan 357

@ Will
Bishop Long has not been accused of,or charged with, rape, and it would appear that these alleged acts with these teenagers started after they were over the legal age of consent. It would appear from the lawsuit filed that Jamal Parris, who started at the church when he was 14yrs, allegedly became involved with Bishop Long sexually at age 16-17 yrs, and finally left the church when he was 22 yrs old. Let me be clear- I am not defending Bishop Long. Anyone who preaches anti-gay bigotry from a pulpit who has then been involved in gay relationships with men is a scuzzball as far as I am concerned. But I am less than convinced that these young men have been as traumatised as is being said. Even so, a financial settlment with Bishop Long and the church or a financial verdict in their favour will, I am sure, go a long way in helping their emotional and spiritual healing.


I have to say, in all the stuff I've read about this situation, Sylvan has hit the proverbial nail on the head.

I would only add, the only one benefiting from this drama is B.J. Bernstein and her law firm who will make a nice cut from any (inevitable) settlement that's going to come (plus boosting their law firm's reputation internationally) and move on to the next sensational case. But when the dust settles, and it eventually will, those young men still have to live within a community where many will think they did what they did for the money and not much else.


@Sylvan --- fully aware that there are no rape charges involving Long...my point was this: you questioned the length of time as a factor of questioning the validity of their claims that Long acted inappropriately with them, perhaps i misunderstood your previous statements.

Again, don't know what Long did or did not do with anyone involved in this case---it is more telling for me that everyone who appears to "defend" him focuses on what he has done for the community; how he helped these "po' black folk" etc. etc. etc., but history has shown us that people who look like they are doing the most good often are also have other actions that are out of character and those the closest to them cannot believe and will defend--see any other pastor who has been busted in the media, see Bill Clinton, see Jim Jones, hell see ANYONE...we are all susceptible to something...wouldn't it be amazing if old boy came out of the closet and just said "Yeah..I did it and I am truly sorry!"...it would go back to business as usual---those church folk ain't goin' nowhere...they have a relationship with this man and can more than likely look past this and the world keep spinnin' round...

Former COGIC

Prodigal and Sylvan blaming the victims much?

@ Prodigal: 'the only one benefiting from this drama is B.J. Bernstein'

REALLY? If the gaybaiting megapastor is secretly diddling TEENAGE BOYS, pressuring them for sex and giving them new cars with church money ... doesn't then church, the community and society benefit by exposing the scandal?

And how is it a 'shakedown' when these TEENAGE BOYS were already given new cars and rentfree homes? And wouldnt that imply their story is true?

I could care less how much BJ Bernstein gets. God bless her. Maybe the boys couldnt go to black lawyers because most of the big names in ATL attend New Birth?

Pieces of work, both of you and the others who blame teenage boys for being victimized by a hypocritical predator.


...that's the phrase, FormerCOGIC...blaming the victim...dang...right on the tip of my tongue, too...I think as well...folks are forgetting this happened when these men were 16 or 17 years old, not when they were 35...so again, at what point is secret behavior subject to public acknowledgement and consequence...for some folks, never or at least "hurry-up-and-get-this-scandal-over-with-cuz-I-got-my-solo-on-Sunday!"

I watched the service streaming from New Hope today...something is very off about this...again, not claiming anything for/against Long...but something just don't feel right about this...on CNN w/ Don Lemon who interviewed 3 of the young adults from New Hope...it just seems like they have an idea of what someone who would prey on a young person looks like, and since it doesn't fit what they think that person would look like, it couldn't be true...the young woman even said something to that effect...so if he was cruising East ATL High School in a van, then they might be willing to entertain the idea that he might have done something out of bounds with some of the accusers?


@ Former Cogic,

I see this is an emotional thing for you. It isn't for me and it is not my intention to affect your emotions on this issue one way or the other. I'm only an outsider looking in at what has been presented. Pics of a buff Bishop in lycra and muscle shirts sent to young men may certainly be grounds for sexual hypocrisy in the court of public opinion, but I haven't heard or seen anything that screams sexual coercion yet.

I've heard and seen a lot of emotion on the issue, however. Your frequent use of of the term "teenage boys" speaks to why this will almost certainly be a boon for Bernstein and her law firm's case. Your rhetoric plays to the victimization of these young men making them seem like they were barely 13 year old innocents when all this sexual stuff happened. They weren't. If all the young men (or women from neighborhoods around America for that matter) who were 'turned out' by older men when they were in their mid-late teens came forward with similar accusations, then court cases for coercion would be taking place every time there was a club-night, street party or neighborhood cookout! Hell, I would have filed one against one of my old lovers!!! lol I don't think Bernstein would take mine or most of these cases primarily because there's nothing financial to gain.

But I digress. My main point is, from a strategic point of view, Bernstein has done a great job of making people like yourself jump on the emotional band wagon of only seeing these men as victims. That is her job. She's done it well and will benefit from the settlement that this impression will almost definitely force Long and his lawyers to capitulate to. But that means that the burden of responsibility that falls on these young men who were of the legal age of consent when these incidents occurred does not get aired. Even more than that, (and this is the other main point), when the dust settles, these young men still have to live with the stigma that their involvement in the case has generated. When Bernstein spends the settlement money she's made from this case on her own lavish house and luxury cars, will she care for these young men whose names she has so cavalierly exposed to public scrutiny and ridicule for years to come? I don't think so.
Oh so these young men were just ''turned out"? Is that all. Freakin' priceless. So its okay for rabid anti-gay pastors to "turn out" 16- and 17-year-old boys while fighting against our rights and offering ex-gay seminars at their church? Yes or no?

And you do digress, esp on the diversion about BJ Benstein. She's not being accused of being a predator. But you keep telling yourself that tho, hon, and keep defending the anti-gay pastor who you say "turned out'' teenaged boys. -RM


Rod, I agree 100% with your response to Prodigal. Did the bishop refer those teenaged boys/young men to his ex-gay seminars? Of course not. He needed to keep them for his own private usage.


Prodigal dearie, you assume quite a bit. That the young men are in this just for money, and that the lawyer is in it just for money/fame.

As you yourself say, these young men will have to live with this exposure be they win or lose. Money doesn't help being called a faggot, or a whore, or any of those things they will (and have been) called. See my dear this is not an emotional issue for me either, yet I am very aware of the community in which I live. The black church community will dog these young men long after this case is over. Money doesn't make one feel better. The saying "laugh all the way to the bank" does not always apply.

Are you aware of the black community, and the black church community specifically especially when you mess with one of their pastors? If you are aware you would know there are never winners in this situation, especially for the male victims. We already see this by the way these so-called christian folks are talking about praying for Long ONLY. Christians pray for EVERYONE involved that the truth comes out and God helps all, and especially the victims who have been scared and scarred into silence. You also make it sound like it is okay to be coerced into sex at age 16 or 17 by older adults. Like somehow at that age the mental and emotonal capacities are somehow even and balanced. That sounds like you are trying to create a foundation for what you do and are trying to tell yourself that this sort of behavior is appropriate. I will let you know that from an adult perspective, this type of behavior is not appropriate. The mental and emotional capabilities are not the same and what you may see as roll in the hay or a moment in time, kids see as forever. Kids in this situation get a car and think that really mean love. Most adults would receive this car and ask "so what do they really want in return?" The way information is processed is sooooo different.

With regard to the lawyer, you sound like you are upset they have a good lawyer. This reeks of you not wanting these men to win this case even if they are indeed victims. A lawyer is a service profession. They come in, do their job, then leave. You make it sound like they are supposed to live with their clients and take care of them for the rest of their lives. Whether it is a high profile case or not, a lawyer comes in does their job then leaves. You want your plumber to live with you because they get paid a lot also nowdays? Come on dearie, grow up.

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