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22 September 2010


Nevets Nonnac


Eddie Long has pissed-off the power structure. This would not make the MSM if otherwise.

No comment on the allegations, it's too cliche. Child, BOO!




Tsk, tsk, tsk.


Dick that's an interesting name.


It really does not matter to me if he did it or not. What the saints nowadays don't understand is that whatever your spiritual leader tells you to do is what you are supposed to do. You do not question God and you not question those that he has chosen to lead. Sometimes these acts that the left wing is calling sexual are really spiritual rites. Everyone is so quick to judge.

We need to move back to the days, when we as Christians, did what we were told. All of this running to the press is just signing up for a front row seat in hell.

God bless, Reverend Long.
''We need to move back to the days, when we as Christians, did what we were told." ROFL. Like slavery? Or when we killed people in the name of Jesus? What about stoning women who are not virgins, should we do that too? smh -RM



*Says in best Blanche Devereaux voice*

"Andre, have you been forgetting to wash the fruit off before you eat it?"

But seriously, I hope you are joking when you post these type of comments. I mean if your spiritual leader asked you to smoke crack and beat your mama would you do that too, all in an effort to gain some type of "spiritual knowledge?" I highly doubt it.

Kevin Perez

Andre, put a sock in it already.

You, the Black church, communities of color, and ESPECIALLY Black people who are not LGBT pretty, pretty much do exactly that in the first place. You judge and look down on us based on your petty prejudices and bigotry. You're just trying to rationalize the hypocrasy of this and even down right sugar coat it.

The problem is with religion, the double standards, and the bigotry many of you "Christians" demonstrate and the sudden need to think there is some spiritual/religious justification for this type of BS. And you have nerve not tell us not to judge? Well guess what, hun, not only am I going to judge these hypocrites and I'm going to laugh at the pathetic state of Black America, LGBTs of color and the lame battered-wife syndrome so many of you seem to have with the Church. Save your left-wing conspiracy theories for American Republic and those crappy right-wring websites

God Bless you, Andre! And if there is a Hell, I'm sure I'll see you and all these hypocrites who scream the name of Jesus out loud and believe they're going to Heaven!


Andre, your first comment was clever and slightly amusing. I saw what you were doing there. Almost had me, even.

Stop while you're ahead. You're losing your punch.


Don't mess with God.

chris w.

I think Andre was attempting to be sarcastic and humorous.

Derrick Stallworth

In his defense, he is innocent until proven guilty. In our black community many are quick to assume, understand that he is a preacher, but he is also a celebrity, and celebirties are very easy targets. Nonetheless, I do find the allegations to be suspicious; especially since the lawyer defending the two boys is a known to be the no nonsense type of lawyer who only defends legitimate legal cases. It would be different if Gloria Alfred was the attorney, I would immediately doubt the case then. If it is true shame on him, but as a member of the LGBT community it would only reconfirm the contradictive nature in which our black churches and the other churches operate. We are demonized for living our lives, while they have ministers who are living double lives, and then to have the audacity to rally against gay marriage. I hope that our black communities understand that this is a pedophile act, the act was homosexual in terms of the intercourse, but this is not a representation of being gay, it does not represent our desires as gay men. Our sexual orientation is for men, not children or adolescent teenages. I hope someone voices this in the media, the last thing we need in the black community is more sterotypes and hatred. Our community continues to be uneducated on Black Gay Culture, the taboo crap in our community has got to stop, its sickening and its really just sheer ignorance, we have to change this message and play a part in educating our black community.


FYI, Art Franklin, Long's spokesman, is also a GAY. He used to work at FOX6 in Birmingham. In this divorce from his ex-wife it said "extra-martial affair" and this was with another man. He moved from Birmingham to Atlanta where he worked at FOX5 for a few years then became Long's spokesman. New Birth is a big ole how u doin' mess


I’m sure if were one of Bishop Long’s adoring church ladies, I would be just TOOOO pleased to know that all that money I put in the collection plate over the years was going to buy a seventeen-year-old gigolo a Ford Mustang.


More proof that the most homophobic religious and political leaders (and even the stranger on the street who take offense to an openly homosexual) usually hate themselves for latent homosexual urges. It was always a joke to me that Bishop Long preached such anti-gay messages yet almost gave Liberace a run for his money with the Vegas worthy sparkling suits. The old religious models are out of touch with the world, yet so many follow with unyielding faith.


He has wasted a lot of hard working peoples tithe money and should also be held accountable for that. That money that is put in the offering plate is to be use to feed the homeless, run the church and could have been used to help some of the people in the church that are struggling. Instead, it was given with right heart, used for the wrong reasons. Makes one think twice the next time they put money in the offering plate.
This greed will make it harder for churches that really want to help others to get funding. I think these mega churches should be taxed.

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