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03 September 2010



I am paying attention and noticing a trend:

"HOMOPHOBE: (here's what I just grabbed from Wikipedia;

Homophobia is a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards homosexuality and people who are identified as or perceived as being homosexual. Definitions[1][2][3] refer variably to antipathy, contempt, prejudice, aversion, and irrational fear. Homophobia is observable in critical and hostile behavior such as discrimination[1][2] and violence on the basis of a perceived non-heterosexual orientation. In a 1998 address, author, activist, and civil rights leader Coretta Scott King stated that "Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood."[4]
Among some more discussed forms of homophobia are institutionalized homophobia (e.g. religious homophobia and state-sponsored homophobia[5]), lesbophobia – the intersection of homophobia and sexism directed against lesbians, and internalized homophobia – a form of homophobia among people who experience same-sex attraction regardless of whether or not they identify as LGBT.
Two words originate from homophobia: homophobic (adj.) and homophobe (n.), the latter word being a label for a person who displays homophobia or is thought to do so.

I posted that because OUR use of that word and the response to it has become so tricky that various opponents to EVERY MANNER OF EQUALITY are using the word with a dismissive tone, suggesting that they are NOT AFRAID, DO NOT HATE or have any "negative emotion or response" to homosexuals, but they have are simply standing for what is right and what they believe. The response that we, on the "other side" have has begun to make us seem enraged and we've got to have a new voice.

Dr. Martin Luther King and the groundbreakers of the Civil Rights Movement must be SHIVERING AND SPINNING in their graves to hear people who were broken by "SEPARATE BUT (NOT) EQUAL" laws rallying around the idea of SEPARATE BUT (NOT) EQUAL policies for ANYONE! Black people in America, more than anyone, know that separate means just that and to watch this black man use any image that pits an US against a THEM is just soul-disturbing!

SHAME ON HIM! Hunter, if you want to stand up for your family and say that you just strongly believe, then fine, but to suggest that you don't want to revoke the law but that there "should be some other way" to respect the rights of gay people is insulting and insinuates that somehow some other vision/version of Right exists on the same planet where equal rights for all people of color live.

SHAME ON THE WASHINGTON POST! For placating this tone that suggests that homophobia is some sort of mild disagreement with homosexuals. It is a vile ugly and hateful stance that spews from pulpits, kicks from dark allies and apparently leaps from the pages of accredited and acclaimed newspapers! HOW DARE YOU!

SHAME ON WASHINGTONIANS FOR LETTING THIS GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!! (This said by a son of the City!! Born and raised in the projects of SW and Iived in EVERY QUADRANT OF THAT BEAUTIFUL CITY). DC was the site of Dr. King's greatest speech and I believe that many of us forget that BAYARD RUSTIN made that march happen and then was told to sit silently in the background, for the good of the cause. WELL, DANG IT, I will no longer go quietly into that good night! ENOUGH! We are here. We are God's children. We are loving, caring human beings with the same dreams, same desires, same flaws and faults as anyone and to suggest or subject gays and lesbians to these less-than-laws conversations is downright disrespectful.

I am furious that I have lived long enough to have seen the VILE AND VIOLENT ACTIONS against my people during the Civil Rights era played back day after day, year after year through what I was told was our history and then see those same people, many whose parents or grandparents and some, still alive to commit the offense themselves, act like HATE DIDN'T TRY TO BREAK BLACK PEOPLE IN HALF AND YET THEY ARE USING THAT SAME WEAPON AGAINST SOMEONE ELSE!



Ever since Katherine Graham died and her son took over, The Wash Post's editorial page has turned into a beltway copy of The Wall Street Journal's, basically, crazy right-wing. Homophobia is quickly becoming like racism in America, something that no one is ever guilty of no matter how plain and eggregious.

The Black homophobes in DC kill me. DC has one of lowest marraige rates of black people in the nation and one of the highest out of wedlock births among Blacks as well. If Mr. Hunter is so concerned about the marriage and the Bible as his flyer states, then he should be campaigning on what kind of legislation he would propose if elected to the council to combat this. No, I don't think council members should be using the power of the law to coerce people because of their life personal lives, but Mr. Hunter has no problem with that when it comes to gay folks.


Delano Hunter has stated that he opposes gay marriage but supports commitment ceremonies and civil unions. Hunter has explained that he supports gay couples' rights to visit their partners in hospitals, shared health benefits and transfer of property rights... sounds awfully like the man the in the Oval Office.

I support full marriage equality and do not believe that civil unions are equal to marriage, but if Hunter is a homophobe, so is President Obama.

Former COGIC

>>>Delano Hunter has stated that he opposes gay marriage but supports commitment ceremonies and civil unions. Hunter has explained that he supports gay couples' rights to visit their partners in hospitals, shared health benefits and transfer of property rights... sounds awfully like the man the in the Oval Office.

And the man in the White House is behind the times, too.

Jacob, you're doing what many other black folks do and that is DEFEND anti-gay attitudes in our community. Committment ceremonies and civil unions? DC already has MARRIAGE. Why do you support someone who wants the District to VOTE ON YOUR RIGHT to get married? Visitation rights in hospitals? DC and the nation already has those, and not even the church folks complained.

Why are you defending someone who wants you to SETTLE for less than you already have?

And why would you ever support a straight black man who is backed by the all-white National Organization for Marriage and says "homosexual activists outside Ward 5 are attacking Delano Hunter because he supports our right to vote on whether the District legalizes 'gay marriage'"

That's not gay baiting?
And do you want people to vote on your rights THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE?


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