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03 September 2010


Honut Sinti

Good to hear that no casualties have been reported thus far.


wow. some amazing photos. is this area susceptible to earthquakes?


I have heard of that area having quakes before. That are by Australia and the Pacific gets rocked by both quakes and valcanos.

Rod Neville

New Zealand is on the edge of the Australian Plate and the Pacific Plate and has had several large quakes (6.0 and greater) in the past. Anyone living along the edge of the Pacific Plate (Japan, New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, and in California like myself) are vulnerable to seismic events like this. My brother lives near Osaka, Japan and has gone through several quakes so far. Here in California, they are bracing for a big quake to hit like this one.

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Amazing photos i like your post GOD BLESS ALL PEOPLES Horrible scenes the video you attached is also scary

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