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27 October 2010


Derrick from Philly

Isn't this the 2nd black municipal official of a major city who has recently tried to push gay civil rights ordinances? The other one was the city councilwoman in Memphis. And yet, according to the fairer complexioned gays, "blacks are the most homophobic people in the world".

The other day the white gay blogs posted the Associated Press news story saying that angry gays might help in causing Democrats to loose big in the mid-terms (by not voting). And of course this story was used as another opportunity by angry gays to black-bash the President. The next day the AP ran another story saying that President Obama had appointed more openly gay folks to government offices than any other president. Of course, the latter story wasn't even mentioned. Black-bashing.

Yeah, I'm starting to hate too, but not the President.

Rod Mc

Derrick, good call. Thanks for reminding me about Memphis. I always try to point out when Black folks are lgbt supportive, because as you noted, many people say otherwise. BTW, the Obama appointments story is on my list today, I missed it yesterday. RM

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