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26 October 2010



One silly question...Are celebrities allowed to wear designer clothes more than once in public,or is that considered some sort of fashion no-no?

Derrick from Philly

That dress and her in it reminds me of a period of glamour that is long gone. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Dorothy Dandridge, Sophia Loren, Gina Lolabrigitta, Jane Mansfield, Crystal Labeija, you know....


gb.. if they like the clothes, then yes. we all know she's got closets full of drag on both coasts, parts of europe, and probably some caribbean islands. i do believe it's considered a faux pas to wear a gown twice to a red carpet event.


Janet just radiates class and an easy wealth...like it just is as opposed to more contemporary black stars. I love this woman!!!!!!!

I do wonder, though, how much she actually BUYS and how much is given for the simple exposure of it all. I would bet she doesn't buy much at all.

Mad Professah

It's all about the shoes!

Jim Steele

This girl is in love.

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