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19 October 2010


Nathan James

Celebrities get into this mindset of believing their status puts them "above it all" because they have so many people around them to "handle" things like taxes. Omarion (like Braxton and Kodjoe) run afoul of the IRS precisely because they are celebrities. Their life of high consumption is there for all to see, and no one is attending to minutiae like "taxes", until it's too late.

This isn't like a DWI case or a groupie alleging paternity, this is the IRS, the only agency of government allowed to operate outside the normal rules of American law. In Tax Court, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent; you can rob a bank and enjoy due process, but not when you mess with Uncle Sam's money.

I'm just wondering why these personalities don't get honest, reliable accountants when they make it big...

Black Pegasus

@Nathan James

Agreed! And meanwhile, the rest of us mortals are still responsible for not only filing our tax returns, but we're responsible for sending the accompanying check. As much as I adore some of these celebs, I cannot feel sorry for them when they take for granted the rewards of success.

"To much is given, much is required."



Ms. Boris better STACK them per episode CHECKS he's getting for UNDERCOVERS cause, um, NEWS FLASH:

The show has *NOT* gotten a full season pick up order..they got 6 more scripts..NOT an OFFICIAL back 9 order like CHUCK and CHASE (a horrible show, but shout out to Rose Rollins and Amaury Nolasco for bringing some well NEEDED color to that mess of a show) did off the bat...

And, UNLESS ratings improve, the show WILL be cancelled.

So, Boris might want to put aside some of that 60K a week [BEFORE taxes] he's (i'm betting) getting an episode for UNDERCOVERS and *PAY* them tax bills.


Ooh..i know his wife Nicole is mad at him.....cause I DOUBT he's getting MUCH coin from them SOUL FOOD reruns...

so OVER negroes not managing their money or being ON POINT with their finances.


Come on pay it up




Lord forgive me for saying this, but Chris Stokes was so busy (allegedly) diddling those boys he didn't teach them to handle their business.......


okay, i would totally give him the $110,000, if i had it, but... BOY OH BOY would there be a catch.


dear God that man is phine!!! IRS what??? Last thing i'm thinking about is taxes with that picture!

Honut Sinti

Uncle Sam & Aunt Irs (in unison):

"Where's our money "O"? Do you know what we do to younguns like you who don't pay up?


Lol. Undercovers looks like crap. I watched the first episode, and just couldn't get into it. The girl's nice to look at, but the rest of it I can take or leave (including Boris).

Derrick from Philly

Omarion isn't thinking. All he has to do is sell pictures of his magnificent naked booty on ebay (five bucks a photo). He'd have the money for the IRS in 24 hours...maybe 12 hours. He's not using all his assets.

chris w.

@Derrick from Philly. I agree with you. Somebody should tell him how to get out of this IRS mess. Penalties, processing fees, and interests are added everyday the bill isn't paid.


@ Ryan "so OVER negroes not managing their money or being ON POINT with their finances."

THANK YOU!!!!! OMG, So am I and have been for some time. Get it together black people. Lesson 1: Without finance, the flow of everything stops! Lesson 2: Living above your means is not a display of intelligence. It is just plain stupid! Flossin', flashin' blingin' flodgin' and the like, when you can not afford to do so is a form of financial insanity!

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