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19 October 2010


Black Pegasus

WoW.. That kid is a Wolf in Sheep's Drag.. Can't trust anyone nowadays.

Derrick from Philly

You're absolutely right, Black Pegasus. Look at his eyes...they read "danger". Imagine if he'd been one of Bishop Eddie Long's "spiritual sons"-- I guess Bernice King would've had to do the eulogy.

Nathan James

Stabbing somebody once is "self-defense". Stabbing somebody fifty times is extreme intent to kill.


I look at his eyes and see crazy with a capital "k".


They cleaned him up but he's still got the devil all in his eyes. Where are the knives he was playing with in his earlier photos?


Craigslist needs to release the ad the defendant posted (or whicheverone of them posted)along with the initial response

Dan Dekker

It is sad what this guy did to this teenage troubled teen boy. People like this just make me sick and im glad he got arrested. I work with troubled teen boys and even think that this would happen to one of them just makes my heart ache.

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