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11 October 2010


Nathan James

If we as a community do not get up and vote, disturbed, homophobic hatemongers like Carl Paladino will be our leaders.


Well, he just sealed his fate. I'm actually glad he's talking like this at this particular time because he will be one of many tea party approved candidates NOT to be elected.


How does he know what gay prides are like? he's denied ever attending one so has he ever been secretly?


Please brothers Please VOTE.


It is truly unfortunate that they believe that the crime they committed is laughing matter. I have been reading this blog for awhile now and as someone who has just come to terms with his same sex attraction and made the decision to try to never act on those desires due to religious reasons. I found many of the thing you guys labeled as homophobia to not be however after reading this article I thought I had found something that I could agree with you all on as being homophobic but this is so beyond homopobic. Its beyond a crime against gays. Its a heinous crime and an absolute act of depravity against humanity. This is a crime that unlocks the most contrite heart. Its beyond horrible. GOD help them.


Fellas don't get mad but I don't believed anything he said to be homophobic. What he said is simply his opinion. He has a view of sex and sexuality many share. His inability to authentically view homosexuality as a choice and his desire to protect his child from sexual suggestive imagery is what most parents do. However, people have a right to not vote for his because due to his opinion. But so far I dont think he is a homophobe.


I just love when you don't have to dig deep for the crazy. It's nice when it show up and can be dealt with accordingly.

As others have stated, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! If you don't, you aren't doing your part to create the kind of world with which you would like to live.


Vote Brothers.


Hi Rod, Just an update on LGBTI issues in Kenya


no more sheets

Terrell... I think a black woman marrying my son would be disgusting. Does that make me a racist? Well,when he said that 2 men grinding on each other was disgusting, that makes him a homophobe... just sayin.


Terrell, get the F*ck off the pipe. Goodness Gracious! Use the brain, I'm assuming you have in your head, and spit out the ridiculous religous nonsense you were indoctrinated in as a child. Yes, I said it, it's stupid.

What this vermin, Pallidino, said wasn't homophobic? Lord!!!! Yeah, he's just a good Christian man who forwards racist and sexually suggestive (beastiality) emails to colleagues 'cause they're humourous. Oh, and fathering a 10 year old child out of wedlock that his wife only found out about this year is so the mark of a good Catholic. Bitch Please!!

Put down the Bible and pick up some other book(s). Hopefully, something on critical thinking.


He seems obsessed with "grinding". Maybe he should try it.
There has never been a more important time for US to vote than right now!!!!!


One of the amusing things about this man’s candidacy is the position it puts white Christian women in.

They will have to decide which is more important to them: the hatred of gay people, or fidelity in marriage. No matter how attractive Paladino is to them because of his bigotry, his having a mistress and not even telling his wife about his “outside” child until she was nine years old must be a bit of a turn off.

But, I am betting that for most white Christian women, their love of hatred will win out over their discomfort with adultery. Hatred just makes them feel too good.


My apologies if I offended anyone. I just read the article and I personally didnt find it offensive. However, i can see way others might. Just my opinion. sorry.
Mr. mjolnir202 lol idk what to say but again I offer my apologies to all all.

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