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15 November 2010


Greg G

Damn! More please!



Kermit Alexander King

OMG Yes Yes Yes!!!! T.J.(those eyes!)Holmes and Ryan Smith (CNN Morning Express w/Robin Meade) are two VERY beautiful and absolutely brilliant black men!! Their combination of beauty plus brains keeps me glued to CNN week after week. I'm convinced there's a wonderful conspiracy going on at that CNN Tower in downtown Atlanta!(lol) And until the producers can prove otherwise, this is my story & I'm sticking to it. More T.J. Holmes and more Ryan Smith -- pleeease!! The news has never looked so damn good.


130 to 140 over 80 used to be considered normal.

And TJ is fine.


Yes, he is fine but I saw a wedding ring on his finger. Don Lemon? Where are you?




Informative... and HOT! I've longed to see that body.

Tim Lee



Oh honey....Please move out the way! Let ME be the one to hold TJ's hand while he is on the treadmill...I sure would tell that doctor his services were no longer needed, thank you very much! lol..

Black Pegasus

Lawd Habb Mercy!

I live for this Man... and I rarely crush on Str8 men because most of them don't take care of themselves as much as our Gay brothas. Their bootyholes are most likely "nasty" as hell, and they don't keep Gym memberships unless they're athletes.

But I'll give TJ a pass cuz he's just so humble and naturally cute..:)


WOW....so our fear of doctors isn't about access and money alone? He hasn't been to the doctor in 10 years? My God.

I am proud of him for this feature but WHAT THE HELL IS TOM JOYNER DOING THERE?!


Oh...and yeah, HE IS FINE! LOL


and was it just me or did Tom J seem a lil howyoudoin with TJ. Just had to find an excuse to touch him.....


It's Tom's glasses. they out him. :) Damn -I stare at TJ on CNN and don't even hear what he's saying. It all sounds like, 'I'll be over right after I get off work, boo'.


Oh my goodness, this was like watching softcore porn! (All that sweating... whew!)


It is about time I get to see the anchorman without clothes. At least the least amount is good! Glad to see he is healthy. He keeps me going on Sunday mornings when I am working out watching him!

True Words

Not the sign of an intelligent man if it takes him 10 years to see a doctor...I hope they ran a full battery of STD tests as well...


That was fun,..and upsetting. Much less sexy than a shirtless TJ is the fact that he hasn't been to a doctor in 10 years. What good is a hot (presumably str8) TJ if he's dead?

Its unfortunate, many have the perception that once you're on TV in any capacity, you're a) rich, b) healthy/disease free, c) smart. Nothing could be further from the truth. How someone seemingly so well educated could think it wise to avoid a doctor for so long is beyond me. A busy year or two maybe, but 10 years? I mean really,..hopefully he's been to a dentist more often than that.


Tom Joyner was there probably cause he was doing a segment on black men not going to the doctor. I mean TJ is fine and looks perfect but 10 years is a long time not to see a doctor. Now its Lemon's turn!


Let's back off of TJ lol. Lots of black straight men have done and do this. Truth be told, they are afraid of doctors. That's a HORRIBLE thing, but it's true. At least he was willing to get a check up on TV.

But TJ Holmes, Don Lemon, Ryan Smith: the most gorgeous, articulate black men on television. Hands down!


He is a gorgeous, chocolate dream. Beauty AND character!

Honut Sinti

Tom would be the first to admit that TJ is a nice looking man.
I also can just hear Sybil chiming in: "And Tom would know since he just got his new perscription glasses with the clear frames." ;)


yes yes YES...

I APPROVE...more damn near naked TJ! (and less Don Lemon--MESS, that's a mess right there! LOL!)


He is soooooo delicious. I love him.

Distant Lover

Rod! Thank you!

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