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24 November 2010



It took THIS to realize she should leave Texas? lol I mean, it's Texas! Will the old South ever be free from history's grip?


@Seahawk123 Not ALL places in the South are as oppressive as this towards transgendered women. There is a male to female transgendered doctor who lives in NC, all her neighbors and patients know of her transition, and still love her.

Winston-Salem State University's GSSA held a very successful transgender panel last year and received positive press from local media regarding it. It depends were you live as to what you experience. Discrimination is global.


Clearly Dave Welch is a bigot and a homophobe, he diverted from the issue at hand to talk about what a family is, and the definition of marriage, and men leaving their families for a sex change? What does that have to do with this unlawfully arrested woman? Eff pleading guilty, she should sue Houston PD, or at least demand a public apology for this foolishness, shes clearly protected under the law.

Back to the story, it's interesting, the reporter handled the story in a pretty unbiased manner, but what was up with those camera shots? Close up of the nails, the hair, the pan of the questionable taste in outfit, not all trans people dress like that, (though it's her right to do so) the camerawork was suggestive and a bit condescending. Just stick to the medium shot, its the news not a docudrama, LOL.

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