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15 November 2010


Nathan James

The commander of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) got it right when he said, "In America, they have 'Don't Ask/Don't Tell'. Here in Israel, you can tell, but we don't care." He went on to say that as a country surrounded by her enemies, Israel welcomes gay and lesbian soldiers as vital to her defense. Necessity trumps homophobia!

I daresay Sen. McCain would do an about-face on DADT if the United States suddenly found itself in a war with a major power.


So a man who was a P.O.W. in Vietnam, who was captured and tortured and experienced things most of us wouldn't wish on our worst enemy, is too chickensh*t to admit he's afraid of gays and lesbians in the military. Either that, or he's too afraid to stand up to his ultra-conservative voter base in AZ.


Nathan James said: “I daresay Sen. McCain would do an about-face on DADT if the United States suddenly found itself in a war with a major power.”

I suspect Sen. McCain would do an about-face if campaign contributions and primary elections were won by opposing DADT.

I don’t think Sen. McCain cares any longer about any practical matters, not even national defense. He only cares about what is good for him and about preserving his power, and he’ll say anything at all that he perceives serves those ends.

Jacob Williams

Damn how many studies does this man want. Did America take all these studies to see if blacks could serve?

Tim Lee

At some point you just gotta call a bigot a bigot. The man hates gays and is trying to legitimize his prejudice.


And to think people actually voted for this living fossil...


This reminds me of my history books and the ppl against segregation. No matter how many studies, psychoanalyses and what have you come up it will mean nothing. It's more so I have my views and I need the studies to support my views. That's what Mccain is trying to say.


Eh, eff the military. While I do think we should have the right to serve openly, you gotta ask yourself, what are you campaigning for? The right to be openly gay and kill people? Eff that.

All gays and lesbians should boycott the military now and let the str8s go risk their lives, Gays have better things to do, like party, find the latest face moisturizer, have sex and vacation in more inclusive countries. Ha!

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