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20 December 2010



I'm soooooo excited for this!!!


It's definitely a day for champagne popping. Sadly I believe the significance of this policy shift is lost on some of my younger sgl brothers. I guess that's ok.


As a young, gay African man who follows events in the US quite closely,I would've thought this news would've been met with more celebratory comments here.

Pics of hot male models and celebrities with bulging pecs,biceps and "bulges" elsewhere seem to generate a lot more fervent responses...lol.

I was particularly ecstatic on hearing this news as it does mark a HUGE step in the equality struggle as it relates to the gay rights and advancement of LGBT issues.

It is my hope and desire that the repressive governments in a number of African countries would one day with bold acts like this, pave the way for our societies to be truly just and egalitarian in every sense of the word.

That one day,there would be a paradigm shift in our collective conscience & mindset towards same-gender loving people, and the virulent homophobic rhetoric which seems to be the order of the day these days amongst our politicians and leaders,would someday come to be regarded as a thing of a dark,distant past.

"Continua aluta..victoria acerta"

Former COGIC

This is a huge accomplishment and represents a historic moment for equality.

Freeleo, it would be nice to believe so, but it's not just "younger sgl brothers" who are not politically aware. It's much of the black gay/sgl community.

Rod has been talking about DADT, ENDA, DOMA, etc nonstop and most folks here have said nothing. Zip. Actually, many people on this blog have made excuses for Obama NOT to move on LGBT rights, foolishly thinking it would "help" Democrats in November or in 2012. (We lost the House and some Senate seats regardless.) And many black LGBT folk criticized Rod, Pam, Aravosis, Towle etc for pushing Congress and White House to keep their promise and try to get this done in 2010. So it's very understandable why black gay folks aren't saying much ... we didn't say or do much to help all along.


The lack of jubilation from some people could also be shock. lol You are almost waiting for someone to say, "Ooops. We made a mistake."

If one lives long enough in an oppressed state, they may not know exactly how to respond at the first signs of freedom and equality.

This is an exciting time. President Obama kept his promise. There may be a legal marriage in my future after all...lol

Greg G

What Former COGIC said ...

I don't think it's shock at all. As COGIC and many others have pointed out, Black gays are not very political because most of us are not out of the closet and/or still attend gaybashing churches. Not only do the political posts at this blog generally attract few comments, but ppl on R20 said they didnt care what Obama did, gay activists were 'racists, etc. Quite a few folks went down the 'I'm not in the army, it doesn't affect me' road.

Greg G

Freeleo, re 'Obama kept his promise':

DADT repeal has been on life support for months (=two failed senate votes, WH didnt push for lame duck vote, etc) and many ppl here were quick to point out that the president 'only signs bills, Congress passes the laws.' A lot of people deserve credit and Obama will too after he signs the bill. But please don't try to make this victory about Obama, whose administration is still fighting DADT in court. A lot of people worked very hard on this (Murphy, Levin, Lieberman, Pelosi, Hoyer, SLDN, SU) when Obama and the WH punted. You are right, it is a very exciting time, a joyous occasion. But once again let me say black LGBT, as usual, were largely missing in action.


It still happened under President Obama's administration. When we are dead and gone and sgl people are free to marry and join the military and all of those other people are forgotten, it will still be said that President Obama ended DADT.

It Is sort of like when people say that "Lincoln freed the slaves" Well everyone who knows history understands that it was more involved.

LOL...To be honest, I casually tossed that out there because there are many people who just don't give him credit for pulling strings behind the scenes and creating the environment for change to happen.

OBAMA ENDED DADT!! I like the sound of that.


Rod, just saw on FB and Twitter that you were invited to ceremony. Congratulations! You've done so much to keep up abreast of the DADT news, you deserve to be there too!


WOW. Very cool Rod. You deserve any and all recognition that you receive. If it weren't for you so many of us would have to scramble to find information. I'm so grateful for the work you do. I'm also grateful for the many debates you've allow me to take part in here.

Thank you and congratulations.

Dallas Cowboy

This is wonderful news. For a long time it didn't look like it would happen.

And you go Rod! Congrats! You do a great job, I love this blog and the conversation, and it's always great when you are recognized. And thanks for focusing and pushing DADT ewven when it seemed impossible.

Liberator Émigré Éire

YAY! for Rod to be invited.

Make sure you wear your best party dress! :)


I agree it did happen under Obama's watch. the same type of thing happenned when most of the civil rights laws we know were passed under LBJ's watch but they were proposed initially under JFK's presidency. when his Justice Department stops fighting DADT in the courts, what will people say then they will still find fault in what he is doing regarding LGBT

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