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29 December 2010


Former COGIC

I love me some Darryl Stephens and love his new music. So talented.


As we recoginize and applaud Ms. B. Scott's ascent into the mainstream

Let's not overlook one of his counterparts: The still raw, edgy and laugh out loud funny You-Tube stalwart, Timaya...

He definitely deserves a shoutout and some shine....don't just take my word for it, You-Tude him for yourself and prepare to bust a gut...!


But doesn't Nathan provide a couture fit to those same stereotypes that dominate the public imagination? I wish him continued success in the grind of life, as he has done well, but being successful, especially mercilessly pursuing "grandness", is not helping to put another image in the public arena.


Congrats on the profile, Rod. I glanced at it last night in the bookstore and its nice that you have the centerfold.

Did they have to go w/ the glamour Vanity 6 cover? They should have photographed all of you like your shoots for Radar and Paper. Or hell, take a photo in your tank top, the kids would love it. But I guess the idea was to impress B Scott and give her/him the 'star' treatment. Eh.

Speaking of that I have to add, totally classy as always Rod, to mention and link to the magazine, the writers, and the other bloggers here, Twitter and FB. Others did not.


i try not to be a hater but Nathan and Crystal on GWLBWLB are the worst. Compared to the other 3 couples they seem like a made up tv pairing and a bit disingenuous. Even if they are not, that is how they come off. They mostly self-promote and I don't see a deep connection between them. The other couples seems like two halves making a whole and Crystal and Nathan seem like two buppies trying to get further ahead. I watch the show on-demand and when they come on screen i am usually tempted to fast forward.

Perry W

sadly i have to agree with pip.

crystal and nathan's relationsip seems more business focused and their segments are very self promotional. and not to be shady, i've met nathan numerous times socially and have never heard him once say anything about wanting to be a father. nathan is basically a well-dressed, well spoken gay buppie.

and b scott is cute for his 'love muffins' but i suspect his audience is far different than this blog. namely, rod doesn't focus on celebrities and haters. but i'm glad that he is getting his shine and you as well rod. congrats.


well said RC, and for him to self-declare that he is presenting a 'different image'.....I guess.

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