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28 December 2010


Daniel Warhol

that's butching it up? LOL


rod you are a mess lol
leave bow wow alone smh


does the tat on his chest say "Prince of the Clown" or "Prince of the Otown" (O-town, O marion, etc...)


Nice butt Bow Wow!


At least he is getting some luv in Holland, we could care less for him here lol


Man, leave that boy alone. Let him do him, and whoever else he chooses to.

Danny Rivera

@ Trip:

Man please, nobody is bothering Bow Wow. He chose to be in the spotlight, tat up his body, take his shirt off,, and do a concert. Guess what? Folks are going to talk about it. Bow Wow has no problem at all talking about folks and calling folks gay on Twitter. No problem at all.


Yeah I'd hit that. IFHH.

Honut Sinti

Did he buy his new muscles and tatoos on a lay-a-way plan?


Where are the muscles, Rod? Hehe. Bow Wow's to cute to ever be butch.


This is cute. But like Xander said, where is this beef? This is baby lamb lolz


Just adorable, and soon to be somebody's daddy, right?



That boy is a junior Whopper! A snack!

I need a double with cheese, fries and a shake! A meal!


I watched enough of the video, and I think Teena Marie was more talented.


Jim, how dare you even compare this turnip to Teena Marie! Might as well compare apples and toenails while you're at it.


Dollar sign tats on his chest? Pathetic.


Glanced at this headline and rolled my eyes thinking here comes the judges on how much 'man' he is...and sure enough:) But I aint mad because BowWow-he's getting PAID. Would love to be a fly on the wall in his world..


'I aint mad because BowWow-he's getting PAID. Would love to be a fly on the wall in his world.'

Is that what our community says about ANY celebrity? That they're getting paid, so anything they say or do is acceptable? I guess so, because so many people nowdays desperately want fame and celebrity and will do anything for it.

Sorry, I'm not impressed by a half pint former rapper who gets into twitter battles WITH HIS OWN MOTHER and also routinely calls people byches, hoez, and faggots on twitter. That 'world' sounds fabulous. smhlol If that's what you aspire to, that says much more about you than it does about us.


And let me say this again: It's remarkable how brothas will come out the mf'ing woodwork and parachute into this blog to defend some d-list celebrity, someone who makes homophobic comments, or anyone who does nothing to help our community.

Young kids who get attacked cuz they are gay, hate crime victims, men who get attacked outside gay bars ... not so much. But a few of those brothas will come out to criticize those same victims. No names mentioned, but hint, hint.


Sending Dalton a hug and a note to self: NO BowWow CDs next Christmas...Wondering just who can and cannot judge another's life on any level...Topic: BowWow as the new leader of the black gay movement; AWKWARD:)


Very good point Dalton! It is always interesting to watch people jump to the defense of wayward ministers and people like Bow Wow on this blog.


@ Troynotorious:

Point well taken, maybe I did come too hard. Did not mean to insult.

But I stand by my point, my brotha, that I do believe (sp?) our black community worships celebrity. Too many black gay/sgl men are preprogrammed to defend celebrities and antigay comments, and never show up when it comes to 'our' community.

As far as 'judging' is concerned, that's a tired phrase that black straight church people started and has been co-opted by our black gay community. And they do it all the time. It's ridiculous to compare 'judging' Bow Wow's dollar sign tattoos or career with gay people being 'judged' by (ta-da) straight church people, voting our rights away, throwing us out of jobs or homes, or physically attacking us.

If you were about to go there: DON'T. :) Too many young people in our community try to make a foolish comparison between 'judging' celebrity behavior and 'judging' LGBTs. It's off the mark and insulting, my brotha. And I say this with love.

Bow Wow is a celebrity and a performer. As Greg said before, he put himself out there and can take some hits. And he wants people to 'judge' him ... he wants people to buy his records, pay to see him in concerts, follow him on twitter, hype him up, choose to play or listen to his CDs ... Those are value-based 'judgments' you and I do every single day. And you did say you 'aren't mad because he gets paid.' That, my man, was a ... judgment. :)

Bow Wow is a cute lil morsel but only that. He's done zero for our community and I'm always amazed by how quickly our community will support someone who does nothing for our community and ignore or criticize those who will.

Rod Neville

Where are these new "muscles" you claim he has now?

Liberator Émigré Éire

Pretty, but the ink is tacky as hell, and the whole contrived hyper-masculinity/pandering to homophobia (when he's in SHOWBIZ!!) BS is boring.

Compare him (and his dime a dozen ilk) to the UK's JLS, who are ink-free, gay friendly and don't pretend to be gangsta thugs.

Those who "support" Bow Wow do so because they aspire to the same fake image he projects...

Former COGIC

What Liberator and Dalton said.

Some of you really lose your minds over the likes of Bow Wow, Usher and Chris Brown and are too quick to attack and blame out black gay men as being 'too sensitive'. Our community is very dysfunctional and fearful around coming out.

If you look at the comments on this blog, it's usually the celebrity posts that often get more feedback than stories about attacks on gays, hate crimes, politics, discrimination etc.. And the celeb posts that attract the most supportive comments are usually those involving celebrities who are exhibit hostile behavior or are downright antagonistic toward our community.

Compare that to Towleroad,, Pams House Blend,, etc. Its usually just the opposite, most comments are around discrimination, marriage, etc. And sorry, but you rarely will hear white gay men defending or praising homophobic celebs. Black gays on the other hand, we are still on square one. smh.

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