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06 December 2010


Taylor Siluwé

This is no surprise. We can't repeal DADT because straight service men will suddenly become all gay and wanna score a BJ on a slow night in the foxhole - at least, if you listen to the Family Research Council. They, somehow, know all about these things.

But back in the world of reality we know the church has discriminated against women to a large degree and also blacks, though there is debate on whether Popes actually owned slaves and whether they condemned slavery or supported it (there are arguments for both sides with cursory research) - the plain facts are that the church has been dead wrong (and murderously so) on numerous social and scientific advances.

So much for Papal Infallibility.

From condoms are bad to condoms are okay if you're a hooker, Papal views change like the breeze so these Chaplains are just riding the Papal winds as they are now. So until Pope Rat' decides gays are people too, they'll continue to back his bigotry.

Ah, religion. Gotta luv it ....

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