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11 January 2011







We stand with you and are praying for your continued health and audacious way of being!

Derrick from Philly

Courage, and a need to fight injustice. She has both.

Probably, the Cameroonian government doesn't want anything violent to happen to her(would cause very bad public relations with Europe, and with educated Cameroonian folks), but when you let public officials talk crazy sh.t--sometimes you influence crazy people...like in Arizona last Thursday.

Kevin Perez

This a relief! When it comes to stories about anything pertaining LGBT and Africa, it's rather easy to expect negative things no matter what the P.C. police says but it's admirable to see what she's doing. While it may not change my mind about Africa's disgusting and abusive treatment of LGBTs (and among other countries), this totally was a surprise and hope she manages to get out of this safely. Just about anyone who shows support is either threatened, maimed, and killed or jailed. I do NOT want to hear anything like that happening to this woman.


Rod, you do an excellent job covering issues from across the African diaspora. Thank you.


I really command Alice Nkom for her courage to fight homophobia in Cameroon..We need more outspoken people back in Mother Land..It takes real courage to do what she does!!


The quickest and surest way to keep Alice Nkom from being arrested and tortured is for the European Union to threaten to withdraw economic aid.

The corrupt rulers and businessmen of Cameroon depend upon this aid for a good chunk of their income. Since the only languages these men understand are money and power, the European Union needs to speak the same languages.

We can only hope that gay rights organizations in Europe put pressure on their governments to make financial threats against the government of Cameroon. This is key.

Andy Niable

Thank you again, Rod, for all of your terrific global coverage.

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