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24 January 2011


Andy Niable

A fine example, not just of his specific uncommon heroism, but of getting involved in the process and helping local representatives.


This guy is just wonderful.

I think he is not only a hero, but so wonderfully humble that it will make you assess and reassess who you are and why you do what you do.

His cadence and the way he carries himself just makes me LOVE THIS GUY!

Bravo to Mr. Hernandez and his parents for raising a Man in the most wonderful sense!

That this man is able to give THAT gift to his father and that is his first thought, is just...SEE! I hope that someone loves him well. He's 20 and a JUNIOR and doing all of this work!!! BRAVO!

Honut Sinti

This young man carries himself years beyond his age. Bravo!


Just incredible!! A real hero!!

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