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25 January 2011


Former COGIC

Closet queen face much? He looks like a toe tapper and a closeted mofo.

South Side

What say the homocons and Palin butt sniffers at GOProud, who claims conservatives "love" gays and would never do this?


Thats all republicans seem to wanna do is TAKE,TAKE health care away from people TAKE the right for women to choose and TAKE our right to marry. TAKE TAKE TAKE

Thank You my democrat congressmen for introducing a bill in maryland congress that would allow me to marry the man i love. Thank you my democrat president for giving my uninsured ass health care, Thank you Democrats. I will be voting 2012!

Democrats Give Republican Take

Bernie B

I swear. Of all the things to focus on in this shitty world.

Who cares who people marry? I'm amazed that people are so threatened by this stuff ... What happened to live and let live?

I always wonder very hard about men who are intensely interested in what other men do in their private lives. OR even care?

Protecting the sanctity of straight marriage when so many are based on lies, shams and tom-foolery.

Why are so many threatened by two adults pursuing all the pursuits of happiness in a free society? But even so, why are so many so-called straight dudes threatened? I wonder, I wonder.

Most straight men I run across could give a rat's ass of what two gay dudes are doing, especially in the privacy of their homes.

The ones who focus so intently on it are extremely suspect.

I wish we could all go back into people's pasts and dig up all the dirty little boy n girl secrets for all to see.

It would be a telling story.


@ Bernie B

I agree...this guy is hella shady. I hope this doesn't pass...Republicans can be such horrible people. It's disgusting really.

405 S

Typical Republicans. They want a binding referendum on marriage equality but not on DC statehood.


I don't think his opposition to marriage equality necessarily means he's a closet case. Some people are just slaves to religious worldview (just checked and surprise! Jordan is an evangelical). Some are just so pathetically insecure that they need an entire group of people unlike them to oppress. Whatever his reason, he's a tw@t.


Fight this republican trash!! DC peeps, fight 'em in the polls and send your lettres!!

Chitown Kev


"They want a binding referendum on marriage equality but not on DC statehood."

Bingo. The House Rethugs will open up another can of worms if they pursue this.

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