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21 January 2011


Distant Lover

The lowest common demoninator in the spotlight. This is what hip-hop has devolve into.

Ts Alexys

I'm sorry, I'm not one to believe that every one is gay, but I somehow doubt he wasn't hooking up in jail. I've always thought of Wayne as being the biggest bottom.

The Truth

Really, Dwayne...?


Lil Wayne is so gross. I don't even want to think of him have sex with anyone EVER.

Derrick from Philly

Some guys in prison do manage to abstain--especially if it's not a long sentence or they truly believe they are Muslims (I said believe they are). And, of course, county jail type of prison homosexuality is often quite different than what you'd find in a state prison. In a state prison setting the temporary gay relationship may not envolve any physical force--just convenience....or even, sometimes, affection (beleive or not).

Then again, I may not know what the hell I'm talking about. Jails and inmates have changed since 1983....back when straight guys were wearing make-up to look like Prince and the Great Michael Jackson.


in lil wayne's world, blow jobs and surprise anal aren't considered sex


It's interesting the message that's being sent. It's ok for you to go to jail, it's not that bad. Yeah kids, L'il Wayne said so! SMH

SMH ...

Hip-hop is the worst thing to happen to black men since slavery. The older I get the less I can tolerate any of it.

Kevin Perez

To think that a Black man with PhD, a profession, and who is a good, wholesome person, is considered worse than this...Mess...

Black Pegasus

I agree with the collective on this scumbag...

Believe me, I'm no prude, but Hip Hop and BET has officially made my Sh*t List! And this is coming from a former Hip-Hop-Head who used to ride around with 12inch woofers and a 700watt amp glaring from my first car..lol

Rap music has reign king with our Black Youth for more than two decades now, and the positive image of an educated brotha has not gained any traction in the "cool department" as far as young Black Men are concerned.

The fact that this scumbag is more revered than the John Legends of the world tells me that God truly does not exist! UGH!


I have to agree with what the others have said. Hip Hop or should I say "mainstream" hip hop has dissolved into such as sad state. At 24 I think its a shame that I have to listen to music from the 80's & 90's to get any satisfaction. Lil Wayne sadly has set the standard of what black men should emulate & I my friend want no parts of it.

Distant Lover

@uptown125th, you have restored my faith in this current generation.
Please teach your contemporaries.
And don't forget the music of the 60's is the shyt, too! Motown? please! Stevie, Marvin, The Temps, Jackie Wilson, Gladys, The Queen of Soul, Martha and the Vandellas, Dionne Warwick, The Godfather of Soul, The Bar-Kays held it down in the 60's! But I digress... (and I'm also dating myself! Many apologies!


Some of you brothers are wearing me out. Rap/Hip hop hasn't devolved to this. This is a large part of what rap has always been. Ugly and ignorant.


I'm with FREELEO, enough of this romanticism of a kinder gentler hip-hop of yesteryear. Hip-hop is now what it's always has been, harsh and unrelenting.

True Words

Why even post this? are we as gay men supposed to be curious because there is the mention of sex? Are we to care and/or assume that he did not engage in sex in prison with another man? Such a sad and pathetic post that really insults the readership

Greg G

>>>Such a sad and pathetic post that really insults the readership

And yet you took the time to skip the stories about Cory Booker and the gay Philly couple, read this headline, open the comments, leave a comment and try to snark. Says a lot about you.

It's a celebrity post and a minor diversion away from the endless stories here about hate crimes, AIDS and pastors trying to take our rights away. And it's also a good commentary on hip-hop and creating a good discussion in comments. Rod was just one of the first 5 blogs nominated for a GLAAD Award, dear. If anything is sad and pathetic it's you.


Ooop! True words got truely read.
Didn't Lil Wayne and Birdman used to kiss on the lips in public?
No opportunity?!!?
Puh-leeze chawllllllllll!!!!!

Honut Sinti

"...Lil Wayne: Hardest Part of Prison Sentence was Going without Sex..."

Oh, Really?

Wow! Lil Wayne your nose has grown real long this time. Turn this way honey, I got three loads of clothes to hang dry.


The thought of this tattooed hobbit having sex with anyone makes me nauseous...

Could we get back to the pretty boys, Divas and activism stories... thanks..I need a Nexium


I am sure he could remedy that...

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