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10 January 2011


Distant Lover

He's not too crazy to receive 50,00 volts of electricity! I'm glad he shaved his head, it will save time for the executioner. I really hope they make an example out of him and not make him an infamous celebrity. I know that this Palin/Beck/Limbaugh frankenstein creation will get press but I hope not too much, it will just breed others. It's a shame that due to the gun laws, any whack job can get a gun and ruin the lives of innocents and their families. My heart goes out to the dead and injured and their families.

Taylor Siluwé

That's more than a smirk. It's more like craZy pride in what he's done.



I hope they exercise the swiftest justice possible.. they need to set a new record time.. Trial/Conviction/Execution in 2weeks.


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He's crazy. Man with no conscience and heart. He badly needs a psychiatrist.



Honut Sinti

A protrait is emerging about his parents. It appears that is father was a stay at home dad and his mother worked outside the home. Reports are that the family kept to themselves.


he looks 40, not 22.

a cold and calculated killer


The death penalty is the only decision I'll tolerate...

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