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13 January 2011


Papi Chulo

I can't wait for this episode. Wilson picks the best roles. I interviewed him yesterday for my internet radio station. It will air tomorrow night. Wilson always makes for a great interview.

Keep up the fantastic work Rod!


i agree Rod you rock

Derrick from Philly

Mister Cruz has one of the most beautiful smiles in show business!

I always fantasize about the rugged ones, but there are a few exceptions. Wilson Cruz is adorably irresistible. Maybe if I ever met him I could "butch it up" just a little and...oh, please, fairy drag mother what do you say?

Impossible! for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage....and four white mice will never be four white horses....


Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.


Excellent story line of a committed SGL couple who weren't allowed to marry; only domestic partner status, juxtaposed against a heterosexual couple who married with ease but only did so to extend health benefits to a stranger. That was some good writing, folks at Grey's Anatomy.

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