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10 January 2011


The Truth

Well, Damn!




Enormous equipment... I would love to see him in front of me. While I was kneeling. LoL

Jim J

Just let me be the first to say:


Jim J

OK, so I wasn't the first. But still...DAYUM!!!!!




South Side

(fanning self)


Derrick from Philly

Thanks, Rod. I didn't want to even think about football today. But you brightened my spirits as I sit here looking out the window at gray and dreary Vickadelphia.

Mr Tryon is proud of his stuff too, aint he? Hell, who wouldn't be. Even a confirmed "bottom" would still be proud of that--just as a conversation piece, you know.


Ok! Why he gotta sit on the ground with his legs all gapped open like that? I CAN'T BREATH!!!

Rod Neville

OMG! That thing is down his thigh!


FYI: The gap-legged pose is part of a pre-game stretching exercise. Need to get those muscles loosened up for 4 quarters of hard hitting action!

Honut Sinti

As Chairperson of the Decency Inspection Congress (DIC), I will personally investigate this travesty of a display. My methodology will include a hands on approach. I will get down on my knees if I have to and uncover the orgins of this monstrosity and report back to the committee of the hole..uh, I mean whole once I have confirmed my findings.

Jeffrey! Bring the car around!


Isn't that kinda dangerous to have his thing exposed like that with all the hitting and collision in a football game?


I live in DC and I was mad when the Redskins traded Justin Tryon. I am not a redskins fan, but I loved seeing Tryon's nice package on a weekly bases. I am a Patriots fan and was hoping that the Colts would win so I could see Justin's bulging front and Reggie Wayne's nice juicy ass.


And I thought Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was the king of bulge! Did someone say "flight to Indianapolis?"

Aamir Swag

Justin Tryon...Devin Thomas...Reggie Wayne...Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie...Darren Sharper...Reggie Bush...Miles Austin...Aaron Maybin...Larry Fitzgerald...T.O....Chad Ochocinco...Eric Berry...Kellen Winslow...Will Demps...the Landry brothers...Brett Lockett...Joe Haden...Adrian Peterson...
GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR WHAT I'M THINKING (...but don't take the lovely visuals away)

Black Pegasus

Aamir Swag

Thanks for that list! I just looked up Bret Lockett and nearly fell the f*@k out!! He and Mr. Tryon can get some! Being that phine don't make no damn sense.

Dallas Cowboy

@ Amir and Black Pegasus:

Just about all of those players have been on this blog and have their own categories. Except Bret Luckett HINT HINT lol

Face and Waist

ROD: Best. Headline. Evah!

And hottest sexiest baller that I would looove to meet.

God is good!


Thankya Jesus!


Very, Very, Very, Nice!


I am sooo glad that u guys appreciate the ballers I fantasize about every Sunday! DRC is still the dingaling King, but Justin Tryon is right there with him. Check out the whole Arizona Cardinals defense from #20 thru #29 they ALL got meat. These boys know what they doin to Us lol...

chris w

wow! he's got it all.


So.....no cup? I better keep him in prayer.

Derrick from Philly


Yes, let us pray for its...I mean, his safety.

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