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09 January 2011


Taylor Siluwé

This person of interest must have been seen with or near the perp.

As with suicide-bombers, there is always a puppet-master preying on the simple-minded to do their dirty work.

This person of interest apparently had no interest in being a shooter himself. Why throw his own life away, right?

Loughner -- like moronic bombers lusting for paradise and p*ssy -- should have said to his mentor, 'If this is so great, why don't you do it?'

I hope this person is found, and receives an even harsher punishment than the shooter. The shooter should get life, but this puppet-master should get life in Guantanamo.

True Words

His YouTube page should be taken down immediately and all things linked to him; this individual should NOT have more traffic going to his warped status. Whether he was unstable or not further demonstrates the need to remove it.

It is a shame that these things have come to under Obama's watch....because there are elements of this country that are too easy to tie to race and other parts of our history that were ignored under the watch of "lesser and more destructive" Presidents.

Soldiers were dying left and right, the economy in shambles and other dire events such as Katrina...but where were the "Tea Party" members.

Ms. Palin's putting select people "in the cross-hairs" which is completely symbolic of killing someone. It is fear mongering and hatred at its clearest example..

Andy Niable

Daily Beast reports "the search is off for a second suspect," and that the Pima County Sherriff said the second person of interest turned out just to be Loughner's cab driver who drove him to the location.

Now it's time to grieve and heal, and hopefully respond constructively: like reviving the Assault Weapons Ban which expired during Dubbya--a law which would have banned the type of gun and cartridge used by Loughner.


The only things strict gun laws do is stop home owners and law abiding citizens from protecting themselves. Criminals have been able to possess gun since forever under the law or otherwise.


Terrell, you really should look around the rest of the world and see that countries with strict gun laws have way lower murder rates by firearms. No one's saying you can't buy a gun, they're just saying that there will be background checks and a waiting period. It won't eliminate all killing, but if it saves just 1% of the lives of people killed by guns each year then I'd say it's worth a try.


The name “terrell” is awfully similar to the word “troll.”

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