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07 January 2011



this is so inspirational, i grew up not far from there. go springfield!




Excellent. They got a four-fer. Educated/gay/black/latino. Niiice.


Rod, Latino is not a race.
LOLz. Never said it was. -RM

Greg G

One of our future leaders. Bravo!

This is a great story and as usual, only place you'd hear about it is here. Handsome, successful and a PD student. And we can get married in Massachusetts too lol. I wish him the very best of luck.

@ Terrell, You really do "major in minor things". You come in post after post trying to play hall monitor about who is "black" vs "biracial" or whatever. Kamala, Obama, now this man. You're the same one who was arguing that Chicago gaybashing pastor Meeks had a "right" to run for mayor. And he had a right to vote against our rights and civil unions. A mess.

405 S

I am so proud of this new generation. They are out, proud and all about the business!
Congratulations, Mr. Rivera!

South Side

Yes we can yes we can!

Congratulations Springfield and Councilman Rivera!

And I'll pass on Miss Terrell's latest attempt to hijack the thread. It's too early chile. Sat down!

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