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24 January 2011



Who's the hunk? Dayumm ...

Nathan James

Thanks, Rod, for putting a smile on my face today. :)

Derrick from Philly

Child, sitting next to a man like that my face woulda' been covered with Doritos...my head and neck too.

Lang B

Clever. Don't think it was homoerotic but flat out a gay Doritos commercial (the end confirmed that).

Barton Hughes

LOL, cute and I second Chris (damn he's hot). Not too sure some would be eager to buy Doritios as a result of thid ad though.


wow way to perpetuate the "Black Buck" image again. Thanks doritos for the blatant racism.


"Thanks doritos for the blatant racism."

And if it were two black characters or two white characters you would say ... ? Really, what would you say?

If it's supposed to be "blatantly racist", surprising that no one has said that so far. I don't see it as racist or homophobic at all. The man does not act repulsed. And I wouldn't be surprised if Miss PC Anti-Racist is not even black.

PS: Does any depiction of a muscular black man "perpetuate the "Black Buck" image"? I'd love to know your parameters ...


The commercial will be sure to generate complaints to the FCC. I am on the fence about it-- it is inline with what Doritos has done in the past (remember last year's commercial with the single mother?), and it does ramp up the gay factor. But there are some questions we should ask:

1) Is it homophobic? Yes and no. It plays on the gay bathhouse stereotype, but not so sure in a negative way. Nobody in the commercial is grossed out by what is happening...

2) It is racist? Yes and no. By having the object of lust be a black man it certainly plays up on the (implicit) stereotype of the Muscular Black Buck, but this is implicit as well...if both characters were white or black would the impact be different? Probably not overall...

In the end, any of the homophobia or racism that we see in the commercial is *not* in the commercial itself, but in our interpretation of what we see in the commercial. That may sound deep, but it really shows how pervasive stereotypes can play a role even when they are not being explicitly outlined. But I did laugh and it was funny and worth talking about-- it will be a hit on Feb. 6...


That was so absolutely nothing. Yes the casting is good. Both are very cute. But really? Where is the concept? And classical music? The ending is ridiculous.


People just take it for what it is supposed to be, funny and entertaining. The past few years the SB commercials have been boring, I'm glad someone went out on a limb a bit this year.

Dallas Cowboy

What Kirk said. Big whoop. Doritos has done this before and so have other brands.

And there's no racism, "blatant" or otherwise, here at all. Kevjack truly hits the point: "any of the homophobia or racism that we see in the commercial is *not* in the commercial itself, but in our interpretation of what we see in the commercial."

IMHO too many in our community have been trained to be outrage junkies and grievance collectors. The minute we see a black man in any type of (imaginary) sexual or erotic situation with a white person we immediately scream MANDINGO! BIG BLACK BUCK! and that says more about the person making the accusation. Sorry, but if both actors were black or both were white you wouldn't be able to make that argument.

And it kinda goes without saying that if the commercial were "blatantly" racist or homophobic, hmmm, I think Rod would have at least picked up on some of it.


Cosigning Dallas, JinCA, Kirk and Kevjack. It's definitely a gay commercial and definitely not homophobic.

Petiprinz, does the inter-racial casting make it 'blatantly racist'? So if these were two white men or two black men it wouldn't be racist? That sounds racist in itself imo.


You are right Dallas Cowboy and all the others with the same opinion. Why does everyone have to look at these 2 men as a black and a white man? why can't they just be 2 guys in a steam room?

There is humor here and it's not meant to be against gays or some racist statement, it's just an attempt to be funny, some appreciate the joke and some don't but people shouldn't read more into it and make it more than it is.

Derrick from Philly

Hell, I wish I could scream "MANDINGO! and BIG BLACK BUCK! It's been soooo long since.... Oh, well, guess I'll have to drop my pride and rent one of those escort boys eventually because today's street trade is horrifying and dangerous--that damn crack cocaine f.cked them all up.

Black Pegasus

I doubt this commercial will ever make the airways. It's too Gay and Sexy for the hypocritical puritans who run American Society.

Distant Lover

I tell you what? Racist, sexist, homoerotic, I really don't give a damn. All I want to know is Mandingo's phone number? You can throw in the white boy too. I want to taste the rainbow! And I will be buying Doritos!

Georgia Peach


Oooh child that trade is HAWT.
Daddy looks like a pleaser!

And I know what you mean, Derrick. The street trade was low and fierce back in the 70s and 80s. It's a mess now.

Honut Sinti

I liked it! I wonder what the reaction would be to two women with one wearing two huge Dorito bags for a bra? ;)


Just because one guy is black and buff and one is small and white, doesn't make this commercial racist. I saw this commercial yesterday on FB and it was being passed around. Not one person commented that it was racist. Probably because it's not. Some of you need to breath and start going to the gym.

P.S. The "black buck" imaginings speaks more to some your own secret desires than it does this commercial..lol.. silly..


Ummmm....IDK. It has too many subliminal messages in it for me though. I'll let the other queens take that one. *now drinking some hot cocoa instead of tea*


What's the subliminal message? Doritos are like black penis? Delicious and A-dick-tive...LOL


"Black buck" images?
Subliminal messages?

ROFL, some of you queens need to get out more and get some more often. Clearly some of y'all are repressed lol


I found it funny but a little silly but that's where Doritos always goes! SILLY. The fact that the brother busted him and didn't freak out helps to alleviate the BIG BLACK BALD MEN AS THUGS energy and IT WAS A GYM PEOPLE! It's probably some gym in Chelsea or Dupont where the "WHAT" is supposed to be implicit.

The black/white thing is pretty silly too. If it was two white guys, we'd scream that we're never in ads. If it were two black guys, we'd suggest it wasn't realistic. We are going to have to stop with this DAMNED IF WE DO/DON'T mentality and appreciate that a company ISN'T FREAKING OUT over the idea of spending its SUPER BOWL money to say HEY GAYS WHO WATCH FOOTBALL (AND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE COOL ENOUGH TO CATCH IT)..WE SEE YOU! NOW BUY OUR PRODUCT! That's why commercials do and we WILL remember it for the next soiree when you are on the chips aisle and THAT'S what matters!


The black hunk is George King, a model/personal trainer/former track star who lives and works in Los Angeles. He's a good friend of mines. He never even told me he was doing this commercial. Congrats to him!


This is light years ahead of the silly Snickers commercial where the two guys accidently kiss. I don't see anything stereotypical about this. If anything it goes against the image of the uptight homophobic black athlete. The black guy puts his arm around the busted guy, and then says "Do you like that." In a sexy voice...you can take that several ways. This is sexy fun.

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