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15 January 2011



Great video. I had the pleasure of meeting her at 106 & Park. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Marsha, THANK YOU for this video!


I'm glad they showed the video on BET but wondered why they had to encapsulate it within a "very special" themed 106th episode. Almost like, "See we've shown it!! Aren't we great?" Will the video be added to the countdown and shown daily? Or was this a one time airing, so that the brass could placate us and claim inclusivity? Until I see or hear (because I don't regularly watch BET) that the video reaired during an unthemed show, I believe that a one-time bone was thrown. If it wasn't, I'll eat crow (beak and all).


TW, well it is a "special" video. I really didn't have an issue with the show dedicating an hour to teen bullying. It's about time BET 106 & Park did something meaningful and productive. Bravo Marsha....

Distant Lover

Marsha Ambrosius brilliant! I'm glad that BET is trying to do something responsible, but I'm cautiously optimistic like the other commenters. When issues such as this can becomes a normal part of the discussion instead of having "special' attached to it, then significant changes could be the result.

Black Pegasus

BET will have to do far more than this to get me to return as part of their viewer-ship..

I can't stand that damn channel!

**But I will secretly watch the All New Episodes of the Game...LOL don't tell nobody ya hear!**

The Truth

I'm not sure if this video will make the actual countdown, but i sure hope it does. In order for this to be played on the countdown Marsha needs your votes. Go to BET.com or text "MAR" to 79922 to vote.

Even if this show doesn't cater to your particular demographic, you don't like BET, you don't like the hosts, whatever... vote anyway. Perhaps the videos content can help someone else along. BET has its flaws but airing this video more than once can be a step in a positive direction. #thatisall.


This is an important first step. I am very happy for Marsha and continue to wish her much success. I hope that BET will continue to expand on this conversation and address how black LGBT people are apart of our diverse community and a necessary piece of the puzzle to move our community as a whole forward.

Kevin Perez

I also saw it and was very happy. But I remember on centric or somewhere that they showed a bit Marsha Ambrosius in a program I can't remember and never recalled her speaking in a British accent!


Black Pegasus...you are not the only one. I tuned in to BET last week for about 45 minutes(I switched channels during the commercials of The Game.) I am, however, disappointed in the lowering of the quality. Just because it's a black show is no excuse for them not to put as much money into the show as before, especially since Viacom owns it...but this article isn't about The Game, lol(can we get one, Rod? Please?)

I guess I'll give BET props for coming into 2011 and taking one step forward...here's hoping they don't go two steps backward, after this.

Rod Neville

Her feet look huge in those boots!

Joseph Reaves

If we want to see this video become part of the regular countdown we have to vote it on

Distant Lover

If BET picks up Noah's Arc like it did "The Game" then I will be fully convinced that BET is sincere.


i agree with Distant Lover--Pick up Noah's Arc!!


The video, as every video on 106 and Park, must be VOTED ON, so let's not have a diatribe of talking. Let our fingers do the walking, since we LIVE online anyway, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! I have already voted for it like 26 times.

As for BET, I am beyond proud, having worked there in some form or another, from Sr. Producer to still doing show writing, and for them to have dedicated the entire 2nd hour to the conversation was brilliant. Marsha was a wonderful and warm interview and it was powerful that THE GUYS WHO DID THE "BULLYING" IN THE VIDEO were in the audience, supporting her.

This moment doesn't have to just be a moment. It can be a movement and a shift in consciousness but we've got to participate and not just sit back and articulate. We are being called into Doing not just Hearing and Talking, so let's work.

CC and Distant Lover, you have to remember that the talk about Noah's Arc was that THE SHOW cancelled itself, not the LOGO pulled it. So I'm not sure that "picking it up" is the issue. There was always talk that the show was doing relatively well for LOGO, with many, mini-marathons, so I don't know if there is a show to pick up. I'm still waiting on PUNKS on DVD!

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